I looked under the mats and I asked all the cats

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Wednesday, January 10, 2007
bark and flower
Good news: I got a genuine piece of non-bill/ non-junk mail today! Woo! It was from an old friend (from 4th grade through high school) with whom I recently reconnected. It was very sweet and quite welcome. It reminds me that I like SENDING mail too, so I should get back on that. Maybe it can be one of my sub-resolution categories -- send at least one piece of fun mail per month to someone. It doesn't have to be complicated; even postcards are nice!

Park Update: creepy weird guy is now hiding behind trees. Or maybe I am just hallucinating/dreaming that he is doing so -- I'm not sure which is worse.

Speaking of worse, Open Letter to Runners Who Wear Too Much Cologne:
Dear Fitness Enthusiast Who Has Obviously Lost All Sense of Smell,
Why must you torment me with your headache-inducing cologne? If you are so concerned with your odor while in pursuit of cardio-vascular health, might I suggest a little something called A SHOWER??? Try it. I'm begging you.
I Can Smell You From 1/4 Mile Away

Coming soon: some book stuff, because I don't want to fall as behind as I did last year! Until then, some songs I heard today:

Billy Liar -- The Decemberists: If I were the president of the North American Vowel Sound Association (NAVSA), I would award Colin Meloy some sort of medal on a ribbon to be worn about the neck. The lyrics "will you stay here, for a while dear/ 'til the radio plays something familiar, (plays something familiar/ plays something familiar)" become an exercise in torturing extra syllables out of normal english words. I love it. He tortures, so that I might enjoy. (familiar is pronounced about eight different ways, all plausible.) The title character is a compelling yet unsavory window peeping pervert -- the likes of which are to be found throughout the Decemberists' catalogue. (bless their deviant, black, dictionary-loving hearts.)

My Dog Was Lost But Now He's Found -- Fiery Furnaces: so appropriate to hear at the park, since it is always full of dogs. I love this crazy song, especially the thrilling conclusion alluded to in the title!

Everybody's Happy Nowadays -- The Buzzcocks: Hee hee. This would be great on a stealth "sorry for myself" mix -- except it's not strictly sorry... Some days it's about growing as a human being, on others it's about realizing the whole world is conspiring to make things sound better than they are. How I take it depends entirely on my mood (which makes the case for a great song, I would say). Ah, snotty english teenagers, how I love the sound of your angst!

Art Snob Solutions -- Of Montreal: hee hee hee. This is double snotty, but sung in a such a sweetly beatle-melodic way I can't help but love it. (It's January in Oregon. Snotty but sweet songs are helping me to survive the low-light.) I was just going to put a couple of lines in, but it's all so good. (esp. "that's right mascara snake!!!") The lyrics come from their website:

What’s up directors? Grab your knives!
It’s time to take all all of the lives
Of the people who cannot see the somnolent genius of Tarkovsky

Come on authors grab your guns!
It’s time to murder everyone who has never heard of Apollinaire
Send them all to hell it’s only fair

Cast them all into the flames if they don’t know any names
Of the principles of Arte Povera
Or are unfamiliar with le serpent mascara
That’s right mascara snake!!!

Come on painters alive or dead
Give all the cretins a boot to the head
If they don’t extoll convincingly
Tempered Elan era Kandinsky

Throw them all into a well if they cannot tell
An Arto Parv feast of repitition from a Schoenburg 12 tone composition

Come on artists the day is here
And your mission is very clear
Put an end to the bourgoussie
And death to everyone who’s never heard of me
3 comments on "I looked under the mats and I asked all the cats"
  1. I know someone that loves postcards.

  2. You do? You are in luck because SO DO I! (and I have postcard stamps, so look out world.)

  3. Look out then, missy. I have tons of postcards...


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