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Saturday, December 01, 2007
Hooray December! I have a feeling this is going to be a good month. I don't know why -- it's often stressful and people get crabby and paranoid. (example from my private collection: Diamond Cartels are part of a larger plot to ruin us all, the first step being their hypnotic yet rage inducing holiday commercials. I used to be able to spot them a mile away, but now there's one that tricks me with a good song. Damn those crafty mall jewelry diamond shilling bastards! their stuff is still hideous, but for a minute I'm fooled into thinking I'm watching a Volkswagen commercial.)

I know this month is going to be crazy busy, but my sense is that it will be busy in a productive way which will be a delightful change of pace from being busy with nothing to show for it. And now, on to the links. But first, a "how's the weather" interlude.

this is what it looked like this morning here in Portland. It snowed (briefly) and is now raining. I missed the snow by a few minutes when I went out walking -- I thought it would resume, but it DID NOT. This bummed me out since I like walking in the snow when it's a voluntary activity. The sky was that weird gonna snow, oops, no, gonna rain color, though. I thought it was pretty.

And now, THE LINKS:

Here is a link to a fun little flash game where you have to try to keep a cat from hopping off a field of green dots. It's perfectly good zone-out fun when you are trying to regain your equilibrium after inadvertently viewing a Kay Jewelers ad. (via boing boing)

Martin Scorcese does Hitchcock in a very charming booze commercial!

my paprika tights December shopping tip: I love Sock Dreams because they are where I found my newly beloved paprika colored tights. They're cotton and supplex and very well constructed. The bonus surprise that I didn't realize until after I'd placed my order -- they're from Portland, so my tights ordered on Friday were in my mailbox on Monday! and shipping is free!! They have a ton of other tights and fun socks, and I'm sure I'll be ordering more. (photo note: those boots are actually very dark purple.)

beaded ornaments
these ornaments are fun and pretty easy to make. I made a little photo tutorial set over on Flickr. If something isn't explained clearly enough (entirely possible!) you can leave me a comment here, on the photo itself or send me a flickr mail and I'll see if I can explain it better. They really are fun to do.

This embedded Meg Cabot youtube video doesn't really have anything to do specifically with December, (but dig the Masterpiece theater style fireplace! and the portrait over the mantle), but it does make me laugh a lot. Especially since it is from a blog post titled "Die Amy Die" and is a Little Women Literary Correction acted out with Madame Alexander dolls. I am particularly fond of the fight music.

ANYWAY, here's hoping that I'm not wrong about December! Busy, productive and fun sounds like a reasonable state of affairs.
3 comments on "december 1st"
  1. My Decemeber has started out not so wonderful. I am sure it will pick up soon, though, just like the western winds...It is time for me to get crafty but I am unsure what direction. I am thinking something like sculpture? Something where you have to destroy everything until you get down to the bare bones and then build it up? Is that crafty or crazy? Craftzee, like a french would say, perhaps? I don't know. This weather is not helping.

  2. If it is any consolation, I went from innocuous optimism to teetering on the edge of a really crappy mood. I blame the weather! And the government!

    Craftzee sounds like a really good idea.

    I'm sorry you're not feeling well.

  3. You know they say that it is always darkest before the dawn. Well tomorrow better be pretty darn dawny is all I have to say. I do seem to think the weather is part of it, but human-like folks make up the rest of it. All is well, though. Because it must. It's not that is just a bump is all.