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Monday, December 10, 2007
Looking Up

I am so tired! Tomorrow will be my 9th day in a row working -- then, so help me, I'm not doing anything at all on Wednesday. Hooray for nothing! I'm not complaining about the work -- I'm still learning a lot and enjoying myself. The part that is less fun about being an on-call substitute is that when there's stuff available, I feel like I need to take it even if it's inconvenient because next week there might not be anything. [except for my other, far-away freelance job which, if this were 1900, would be along the lines of a poor unmarried niece keeping her rich soon to be divorced sad/crazy but sweet aunt company on a cross-country train ride, on which the niece has to field questions like what is the nature of god or why is my husband leaving me or what do you think I should do with all this stuff or why doesn't my computer work or why are men such assholes or why wasn't I born in the horse and buggy era. For reasons which seem obvious to me, I prefer to keep this job at no more than two days per week.]

I'm so tired time has started going wonky on me -- what seems like a hundred years ago turns out to be only a week, and vice versa.

Tomorrow should be a short work day for me. I hope to write up my #2 weirdest coincidence of the week and maybe I'll share the fruits of my postit labor. (I write down names of cool or seemingly interesting books/movies/cds on a postit I keep in my pocket as I process materials so I can put them on hold when I have room on my hold list. Sharing them assumes I can decipher not just my on-the-fly/sly handwriting, but also my not-really-so-clever abbreviations.) But for now -- SLEEP. I can hardly wait!

p.s. I think Journeyman (Journey Man? I'm not sure if it's one word or two) has turned into a really interesting show. I wasn't too impressed with the first episode, but it has grown on me. I love how they've been tackling repercussions of things changed in the past and the mysterious overall WHY of it all has me intrigued.
5 comments on "so tired"
  1. You've had two "weirdest coincidences of the week" coincidinces? Lucky you are. Those can be fun. Or hazardous to your mental health, depending on ones perspective.

  2. One was weirdest, and the other was second weirdest! Right now I think the most hazardous thing to my mental health is being tired, but fortunately I know the cure.

  3. Sleep? Or a Nyquil shooter? Is that the same, though?

  4. We had coincidences. We watched Station Agent, which was a truly sweet movie, and then the next day J. was reading a Sister Fidelma mystery and there was a dwarf in it and I was reading an Eng. mystery and it had trainspotters in it. (Who took many many photos of yes trains--and I think sometimes my obsessions are weird.)

    FWIW, I haven't done any of the Christmas things you mention, either. It could still be Nov., for all the holiday spirit has penetrated our abode. Just taking it one day at a time.

  5. Woo Hoo! Nyquil Shooters for all my friends.

    Patty, I liked the Station Agent a lot, and furthermore (to your other point), I think there is still time to de-grinchify or at least to develop some holiday spirit! I'm hoping that's true, anyway.


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