may your days be merry and bright

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Tuesday, December 25, 2007
I am tired from a marathon bout of holiday lazing and eating delicious food, but I wanted to share some of the things that made today a good day for me. So here are some pictures:

christmas lights
it's like a sickness -- I can't stop taking pictures of these lights with the plastic things on them.

christmas epiphyllum
Four epiphyllum blossoms today! Usually it blooms in the summer right around my birthday -- In my experience it's unusual for it to bloom twice in one year. Yet here it is!

I love these colors together
technically, this is from Christmas Eve. I was walking up Fremont to pick up a couple of last minute things and saw these cabbages in front of a new store. I think they're wonderful.

just beginning
I went for a walk in the park and it started to snow! The local news said it might, but I never actually believed them, since it's the kind of thing they're always saying when they actually mean "it will snow on the mountain," or "it will snow in the gorge." but this time they were right!

red leaves
There are still some red leaves left -- so pretty.

stickng a little
The snow began as just hard mean rain, but then it got into the swing of things and started getting nice and flaky. By the time I got home it felt like I'd been to the dentist because my whole face was numb. (I wore a hat and a jacket, but no gloves or scarf because of course it wasn't going to snow! and I don't need gloves for rain.) The snow has since melted away in my part of town, but it was sure fun for a few hours.

new necklace (no flash)
I received such thoughtful and generous gifts, including this necklace from my mom. I love it because it looks a little bit mod and a little white stripes at the same time.

....and now I have to go to bed before I am felled in transit by a turkey/carb coma.
3 comments on "may your days be merry and bright"
  1. I am so glad that you had the happy holidays. I did as well. My food coma was induced by chocolate and not turkey...I love chocolate.
    My mom had taped some bizarre xmas movie from 1947 so she and Erich watched that while I bussed it to the video store to rent a truly horrible movie called The Brothers Solomon, and then I came back and cleaned up for like 2 hours. Which I love to do. Really. The task has an ending that you are able to enjoy and I find it relaxing. I think we also rented a movie called Balls of Fury which I think we are watching tonight and I am so super hoping that it is not the hideous suckfest that The Brothers Solomon is/was/forever shall be known as...

  2. chocolate coma! sounds like a band name.

    I want to know what the bizarre christmas movie from 1947 was. I've never heard about the Brothers Solomon, although it almost sounds intriguingly bad (almost!). I'm glad you got to do some fun-for-you holiday cleaning. It is satisfying, but the hard part for me is getting up and starting.

  3. The 1947 movie was called "Christmas Eve" and it starred some people that my moms was familiar with. From the 1940's.
    I recognized some of the names, but only as they relate to crossword puzzle clues. It was about adoption and murder. Strange combo...


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