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Friday, July 25, 2008
private booths for ladies

I have had a crazybusy week, but now things should be settling down so I can do crazy things of my own choosing. (hooray!)

Big projects are tempting me. If the weather cooperates (and I think it will) I'm anticipating some major work in the garden. It's scary out there, but it's only going to get wilder and woolier if I don't do something. (you're probably thinking "gardens can't get wooly. she clearly needs a vacation!" to which I would reply: yes they can! but you're right about the other thing.) It's my hope that a bit of concentrated effort will at least get it out of the Scary House On The Corner zone. (You kids get off of my lawn!) Or maybe I should just practice cackling and broom shaking and go with it. Hmmmm.

I'm also itching to paint (a room, not the great american abstract), and I think this will happen soon as well. Blondie always says "it's only paint!" and that it's the fastest way to change a room. She's right! I need some new vistas, a change of view; I need to think about things in a different way. This is starting to sound sort of TV talk show faux-empowering, so I had better back slowly away from the keyboard before I stir up my some-say-irrational-but-they-are-wrong Dr. Phil antipathy. I need to go buy paint anyway.

tune in next time to find out if my mysterious itchy-eye allergy is to TIME (my initial self-diagnosis: "I think my eyes are allergic to time. nothing else makes sense!!") or to cat dander (my aunt's counter-diagnosis: "you are not allergic to time! You are allergic to cat dander"). Please note that she is not a doctor, but she is bossy.
5 comments on "broom shaking is an option"
  1. I have time allergies!!! I swear I do...I have no other way to explain certain things. Or no other way that would allow me to do nothing but ponder. I mean I can't fight time so it is the perfect thing to be allergic to, right?

  2. Thank god I'm not the only one!!

    Time Allergies: the hidden menace.

  3. I can't wait to see the commercials once they come up with a pill for it. I am thinking that Dali will be featured heavily.

  4. I like to think that there will be a pill, but also some sort of nasal spray.

    Dali = brilliant! he can be spokesperson AND in charge of the look of the campaign.

  5. Maybe a pill you lodge into your nasal cavity that slowly drips down the back of your throat? After a few days of this, time allergies might just seem completely worth suffering through.


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