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Thursday, July 17, 2008
The moon, which is either full right now, full in a few hours, or full tomorrow night, is busy singing this weird Rogers and Hammerstein/Gilbert and Sullivan Some Enchanted Evening/ Modern Major General mashup. It's making me LAUGH but geez, moon, come on! Cut me a break. I blame this phenomenon on the following: 1) the moon is actually doing this. (it's obviously singing, and it looks like show tunes from here) 2) too much light opera in the workroom today (so funny! I was working in another area, but I could hear random bits of singing and shrieking laughter every time the door opened.) 3) jangly ribs cause hallucinations.

About that jangly rib issue: this is a self diagnosis, OBVIOUSLY, athough I expect it to catch on and soon there will be ads for Jangly Rib Syndrome Medication that air during prime time. (I think the medication should be m&m's or maybe frozen cherries.) I have this problem, see? Every time I wear a necklace with a pendant, the pendant ends up on one side or the other -- it never hangs in the middle! These are short necklaces, so it's not like I'm trying to be cute about some boob issue ala Thoroughly Modern Millie and her beads that won't lay flat. I gave this some serious thought today at lunch and decided that my ribcage must be off kilter in such a way that pendants can't stay centered. I'm crooked! Then I decided that maybe my ribs just jangle around in my chest when I'm not looking like coins in a pocket. From there it degenerated into a quickly abandoned theory featuring a small creature playing xylophone (or perhaps vibraphone!) on my ribs from the inside, which knocks pendants off center. I feel that this would also explain migraines, but it is a little too twilight zone to investigate seriously. So jangly ribs it is! "Doctor, I've got the rib jangle, and I'm afraid it's serious."

In library news, I think my favorite patron of the last two days was a little boy I helped yesterday. He was about six and had a towel stuck in the back of his t-shirt to make a cape. He came up to the desk practically VIBRATING with inarticulate excitement because he had found a DVD on how to do magic tricks. I think it's probably going to be a tough time for any rabbits, hats or slow-moving cats who cross his path in the next three weeks.

Speaking of weeks, I've had a pretty great one! More on that soon. I just had to post now in the hopes that by REPORTING on the moon, I could get it to shut up long enough to fall asleep. (oh, lord! you try to tell it that since it's an inanimate blob of space rock with no arms and no legs it doesn't get any choreography. I've had this argument before and I'm not having it again! at least not tonight.)
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