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Saturday, January 02, 2010
the bridge
I haven't decided if I'm going to post every day in January like I've done the last couple of years, but since I haven't decided yet I figured I would hedge at least one more day. (I may do it in Feb. instead.) I was going to post about BEND OREGON (this bridge is on the way), but that would take too much brain power (hah! I just typo'd "brain poser") this late at night, so now it's just bridges. Briefly, this bridge is over the Crooked river which is more than 300 ft below in a rocky canyon - the kind of canyon you would get tricked into if you needed killing in a western. (either the Cowboys or Indians would show up on horses on either side of the gorge and that would be that! the modern equivalent would probably be drunk kids throwing garbage off of the bridge, which seems less cinematic, somehow.)

hawthorne bridge
This is from July 4th. We go stand on the bridge and watch the fireworks over the river. It's really so lovely. I'm not sure what year this is, though. (Hawthorne bridge.)

bridge to the beach
I thought this was a different beach bridge than it is! This one is somewhere in the Olympic Peninsula in Washington. If I remember correctly (UNLIKELY), this was the place that had cathedral sized driftwood. (if it wasn't this place, it was some other place.) Oh, wait! this was the place with the awesome rocks. My pockets were full of rocks by the time I left. (really, you can't take me anywhere.) Those mountains in the distance are in Canada.

**Unrelated note: my window is partly open and I can hear some guy laughing on the corner (near the bar) and he sounds like a freaky fake laughing machine! not like a laugh track, but like a spooky automaton that you drop a quarter in and it laughs and laughs, then stops. I hope they run out of quarters soon.

st. johns bridge
the St. Johns bridge is one of the most beautiful bridges I've ever seen anywhere. I think it looks like it should be heading into the Emerald City. (note: it does NOT lead to the Emerald City, at least any time I've been on it. I do go over it to get to Sauvie Island, though!) (sometimes.)

under the marquam bridge
More July 4 hijinx! It's blurry because it's getting dark, but we'll call it atmospheric instead. Also, I feel superior because those fools parked under there will be in their cars HOURS trying to leave when it's all over. If you park off of Grand (rather than under the bridge) it's much easier to leave. (I must confess that I was an under the bridge parking fool once.)

Harris Bridge
Covered bridge in Benton county! I think I need to go on another covered bridge photo safari in the spring.
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