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Friday, January 15, 2010

For the last two weeks Friday has come as a complete and total surprise to me. I don't know what else I'd be expecting after Thursday and before Saturday, yet I still find myself going "friday? no way! wait... really?" Anyway - I have a bunch of stuff I've been meaning to post, which I will try to do before NEXT FRIDAY. (if such a day truly exists. I'm beginning to think I'm in the Matrix, slowly awakening to the fact that there are really only 6 days in a week and that "friday" is the handiwork of The Man, or maybe all time is just a construct, or maybe it's time for/too soon for more cold medicine. RED PILL OR BLUE PILL?? NYQUILL!)

In the News:

I still want to punch Joe Lieberman in the head repeatedly. Add to this list: Pat Robertson, Rush Limbaugh.

CONAN! May you emerge victorious. I loved his letter to the People of Earth - pointed yet principled.

Haiti: My mind can't even process the scale of devastation, the measurements of instant and incremental loss. But my mind doesn't have to process or understand or make sense of things that can't be made sense of in order to help. I'm deciding between donating to the following agencies: Mercy Corps (local, right now donations (up to 250K) are being matched by a "generous donor"), Partners In Health (already set up in Haiti), Doctors Without Borders (hard core awesome). I love, LOVE that someone got the great idea to text $$ to the Red Cross (text "HAITI" to 90999 to donate $10, which will be charged to your phone bill). I've heard some people griping about how it will take 90 days to get the money through, but I guarantee they're going to need money, perhaps even MORE money in 90 days than they do right now. You can also donate to the Red Cross via your iTunes store account. 100% of the money goes to the Red Cross.
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