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Wednesday, October 06, 2010
Today was such a strange day! Not Twin Peaks peculiar strange like "I saw a one armed man putting shingles on a roof" or " a bicycle with a giant plastic swan on the front almost ran into me" (those were last week), but more like every hour at work (on the desk that isn't a desk anymore) seemed to take 2 hours - I think I caught the second hand ticking backwards. I sense hemisphere hijinx. Must go flush toilet and note whether the water goes clockwise or counter clockwise. BRB.

In less ridiculous news, two things: 1) I am reading Aimee Bender's wee little book/story The Third Elevator right now and I love it so much. In typical fashion, I've had it checked out for months and am only reading it now because it's due tomorrow with no hope of renewal. Also typically, I am kicking myself because if I'd read it sooner, I could have read it again! It's about a swan and a cloud and a bluebird and a miner and a logger and these three elevators and a forest plus a mine and a castle with a king and a queen. Oh, also a moat! and a lobby! Anyway. I should just buy it, but I'm not even sure that's possible since it was a special little book for an art exhibit. I shall consult the goodreads "buy now" oracle. DAMN! Not available at the usual amazon-powell's suspects, but I will persevere!

(...exciting news bulletin: it is available for the low, low price of $6 directly from the publisher, Madras Press. The proceeds go to charity, which is a swell deal all around.)

second thing: Aimee Bender will be at wordstock, which is this weekend! As is the Friends of the Library book sale. I think the festival and the sale keep roughly the same hours, which is unfortunate, but I will make it work. Jonathan Lethem will also be there, but I haven't read his last book yet. Also, many more authors! Hot time in nerd city!
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