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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Guess what? It got WAY LESS WEIRD at work. Going out to trivia night with a bunch of coworkers probably helped. (Thank me now! I deleted a lot of Very Special Episode navel gazing about letting people help you, etc.) (I enjoy reading VSE navel gazing when it gracefully gets to the point, but this had miles to go before the point and I've got things to do this afternoon. Sometimes it takes longer to write shorter. You know what I mean.)

ANYWAY. The past is past and the future is now!

Speaking of the future, this afternoon I'm going to buy a new desk lamp since the lightbulb for my four dollar plastic lamp has burned out and new lightbulbs are more$$ than the lamp cost in the first place. It has served me well these past 5 years, but I think I'm ready for a new one. Ikea, here I come.
1 comment on "Sunday"
  1. Ikea has some great inexpensive (cheap!) lamps, that's for sure. I hope the next one serves you well into the teens of this decade!


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