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Saturday, October 09, 2010

Wordstock is this weekend! Here's who I saw today -

Short story panel: Aimee Bender, Anthony Doerr, David Vann - moderated by Meg Story

Lan Samantha Chang and Aimee Bender (they each read from their most recent books, then took questions.)

LUNCH BREAK: Burgerville's new Bleu Cheese burger, which unlike every other bleu cheese burger on the planet does not feature bacon! Tasty.

Steve Almond and Kristin Hersh (each read, then questions. Almond is so good and so funny and so skilled at being in the room he's in.)

David Rakoff (!!)

details to follow.

unrelated, except that I stayed up way too late watching it and then had a hard time getting out of bed, which meant I missed half of the short story panel - I love this video of the Gorillaz mini-concert at the Ed Sullivan Theater. I watched it at my desk in the dark and had such a good time! I'm glad they found a way to tour and not be constrained by their cartoon personas. (I first saw this via either fluxtumblr or vulture.) (My 90s Blur crush on Damon Albarn lives on. There's a man who takes pleasure in his work.)

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