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Sunday, October 10, 2010

just a quick list of today's wordstock adventures - I figure if I list it here, I'll be more likely to actually come back and fill it in, unlike the last couple of years -

PANEL: The Future of Reading (featuring Michael Schaub, Matthew Stadler, and Mona Simpson. Moderated by David Biespiel.)

loosey goosey meandering, which included seeing part of Timothy Egan, part of Carson Ellis

lunch, with the intention of seeing at least half of Jess Walter, but he finished early so...

PANEL: Cracking Up is Hard to Do (featuring Jess Walter, Steve Almond, and non-program addition Paul Provenza. Moderated by Courtenay Hameister.)

Myla Goldberg, mostly

This hour was spent fleeing from one stage to another until we ended up (happily) at the children's stage with Joelle Anthony and Cecil Castellucci.

Julia Quinn

Details to follow! (for real - I have many opinions.)
4 comments on "ten ten TEN books books books"
  1. Myla! We went to college together and were in the same co-op for a while. She's awesome!

  2. I wish you could've been there!

  3. Looking forward to reading your Wordstock wrap up. Especially your comments regarding, wait for it...PortLaunde.

  4. Me, too--I look forward to your Wordstock post with much anticipation.


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