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Thursday, December 09, 2010
Today was only Thursday! I keep getting a day ahead of myself and freaking out because that's what I do, I guess.

Some things about today:
0) it was THURSDAY and not Friday. As you undoubtedly knew from the time you opened your eyes in the morning. Not all of us are so clever.
1) it rained really hard all day long
2) the christmas tree is UP, but still has no lights or anything on it.
3) I've been experimenting with extreme list making to see if I can give myself a little jumpstart. Something's not quite right in jenland (jenosphere? planet jen? village of the jen?) and I can't figure out what it is. It might be too much candy. Will a list help? I don't know. It's satisfying in the short term, anyway.
4) I finished rereading the final volume (6) of the Scott Pilgrim books this morning. So much better for me this time around! I loved them the first time, but was confused over several of the secondary characters (Lisa Miller!), but I am confused no longer!
5) Now I'm trying to decide what to read next. I've kind of got a read a classic holiday plan lined up (more on this soon), but it may be too early to start. What to read in the interim is the question. HMMM.
6) my list says I should go to bed because sleep is so important. I say I should go to bed because I'm so tired. INEXPLICABLY. Maybe it's rain induced tiredness.
7) oh, but first - this picture: some fabric and a ribbon that was on my desk a couple of months ago. I'm powering my way through another hideous flickr backlog.
1 comment on "a day off all week"
  1. That's so odd that you would mention it being Thursday yesterday-all week I was one day ahead. I guess now I am caught up, it is Friday as fact and not just feeling, but I am not sure why some people seemed to lose a day. Which day was it and why? Did it happen at the same time?


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