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Tuesday, December 14, 2010
happy face
I found my keys! (boring saga of the key search deleted!)

Oooh - have you seen Better Off Ted? It's streaming on Netflix so I've been catching up - there were only two short seasons but it is SO FUNNY. (after reading Wikipedia entry:) Holy cow! It was just cancelled this year! I don't even remember hearing about it, or if I did it was just barely. It's a workplace comedy set in the R&D devision of Veridian Dynamics, a huge Halliburton/Monsanto-esque corporation. I've almost finished watching the second season - more to say when I'm done. It's smart and funny and has surprised me on more than one occasion. (all good things in my book.)

golden sphere

(both of these photos were from Wordstock weekend - the happy face was on a no parking sign by the train, the pendulum is inside the Convention Center, which is also where Crafty Wonderland was this past weekend.)
2 comments on "a-ha!"
  1. Better Off Ted was an awesome show! I wish Portia de Rossi could get on a show with some legs, but she definitely knows how to pick them. Miles gave it to me for my birthday.

  2. Aw, that Miles is awfully thoughtful. Portia d R is so funny on this - everyone is. It just works and when I think it can't get any more ridiculous, IT DOES but in the best sort of way. (we just watched the bagel flinging episode. HA.)


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