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Thursday, December 02, 2010
the blue wall

Two days in and December is awesome! Okay, more like approaching awesome but getting really close - I feel like I should give it the benefit of anticipation and pre-grade it to awesome. (the truth: I'm nervous about a work party, so I'm trying to override my anxiety circuits with AWESOMENESS, but am carefully wishing for the low key kind and not the kind where high fives are demanded at every juncture.)

I should have some book posts this week which makes me happy. Hold the phone! It's late Thursday/ Friday already - I keep thinking it's some other day - so let's say book posts sometime in the near future. There should be one tomorrow, anyway.

Snapshot of recent reading: just re-read Scott Pilgrim 1, with plans to read the whole series again. The first time I read it from the library, which meant that I waited months and months between books and didn't reread before the next. Now I have my own set and I expect it will be a much richer experience this time around. Also, Scott Pilgrim is funny in case you forgot or weren't really sure. I'm loaning vol. 1 to a friend who managed to get vol. 2 from the library but would have to wait behind 107 other people to get the first one.

After SP1, I started One Day by David Nichols - I'm not very far yet. The day in question is MY BIRTHDAY (July 15) over the course of 20+ years. I'm expecting funny bittersweet unrequited whatnots. (it's not just my lifelong birthday understanding of July 15 that leads me to this thought, but also cover blurbs. blurb blurb blurb - perhaps the dumbest/ greatest word of all time!) Now that I'm properly punchy, I guess I should go to sleep.

Goodnight and happy December!

(photo is of a blue wall somewhere in Washington, sometime in October, some years ago.)
3 comments on "hello, december"
  1. That picture is brilliant! Brilliant!

  2. I kept trying to figure out why the background of the photo looked painted. Well, of course--because it is! It is wonderfully surreal.


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