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Monday, December 20, 2010
I can't see the full moon or the eclipse because it's wall to wall (horizon to horizon?) cloud cover here, but I bet it is BEAUTIFUL. I was able to catch part of it on the Spacevidcast channel on ustream ( a website last viewed by me to watch shiba inu puppies), but it's not quite the same as seeing it in my own sky.

Back here on earth, I've spent the day doing various this and that; pre-Christmas sewing projects and willing away (also drugging away) my wannabe cold. I'm working tomorrow at a branch I like quite a bit, but haven't worked at in MONTHS, so I get nervous which is stupid but pretty much a fact of my life at this point. So I'm doing things tonight like making sure I have enough cough drops and kleenex with me. It will be fine, I just wish I wasn't feeling so foggy. Maybe it will take the edge off of my crazy, though. (glass half full.)

BUT, tomorrow (Tuesday) is the solstice and the shortest day of the year! WOOOOOOOOO! I swear, I know Wednesday will only bring only seconds more daylight, daylight I won't even see if it stays cloudy like it often does in winter - but just knowing that it won't be dark by 4pm in the near future is a big psychological boon. BIG PSYCHO(logical) BOON! Which sounds like the name of a circus enforcer (I don't know - bouncer? patroller of the midway? styrofoam weights? little one-shoulder dress made of faux leopard skin? now I'm veering into strong man territory, but it's a FINE LINE.) Anyway - hooray for 1) the moon 2) eclipses 3) the return of the sun in my hemisphere 4) my new imaginary professional wrestling circus enforcer hero, Big Psycho Boon.
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