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Friday, December 30, 2011
I know we're already on to the next holiday, but how was your Christmas if you celebrate Christmas? I got a pitchfork!!!! (don't you love how it was fiendishly disguised in wrapping paper?) Technically it's a spading fork, but pitchfork is a much more pleasing word. 

I'm using it mainly for turning compost, which I started making this summer. I've been meaning to compost forever (of course), but for some reason I could never get it together. I'm not sure how together I have it now, but it's been working! I'm making FREE DIRT! Woo hoo! (Look, I know it may not sound exciting, but if you've ever paid a lot of money for expensive fancy compost/dirt, you know what I mean.) I was always intimidated by... I'm not sure what. The alchemy of old lettuce and egg shells turning into something valuable? Probably. 

Mike McGrath's Book of Compost is the book referred to the most. I knew the basic gist of composting (green stuff and brown leaves in the proper proportions), but I could never work out the particulars. I saw this book pass through at work and put a copy on hold for myself - I definitely recommend it to anyone who is interested in composting. There are some goofy illustrations, but the information is totally sound. 


2 comments on "better hurry"
  1. I am slightly jealous about that pitchfork! I have no use for one, but it certainly seems like something I would need/want/love!
    The checks we received from New York were used to buy a Wii. It hasn't been used much, unless you count the 5 minutes I spent 'just dancing', which would've been humiliating if anyone had seen what it looked like, but I think it will be fun in the future. And hooking up the streaming Netflix thingy that I have been wanting to do forever will be swell!

  2. it is a pretty awesome pitchfork!

    Hooray for the wii! I have also done some 'just dancing' which is almost impossible for the laughing and crippling shame I feel while trying it. yet weirdly, it's still fun. Did your wii come with the resort disc? Wakeboarding is my favorite! Woo hoo Netflix on your TV. I think you'll like it, a lot.


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