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Sunday, December 04, 2011
bird's nest
This year's Christmas tree had a bonus - a real, honest to god bird's nest.  So cute! The tree had been cut  same day, baled up on the farm and brought into town to the tree place that's near my house. Brought it home, left it outside for a day, brought it in,  un-baled it, and ta-da! Bird's nest with bonus EGG. Can you see the egg? (sorry for these pictures - the room was dark and I had to use the flash.)

bird's nest
It just seems lucky somehow - even if it's just to see this unexpected bit of nature in the living room. (ha - I just did some googling and found flimsy and vague "Icelandic good luck to find a bird's nest in your Christmas tree" etc. I'll take it!)  The egg was bad, by the way - slimy and faintly smelly with a hole in it.  I took it outside. Maybe I can drain it and return it to the nest. Does this counteract my fake Icelandic good luck? I say no.

In any case, the nest will stay in the tree and I'll decorate around it.

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