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Friday, December 09, 2011
the sun is so low this time of year! This was taken just after eleven in the morning, and the sun was right in shine-straight-through-my-eyeballs and-fry-my-brains position. Or maybe it's the headache I woke up with that is frying my brains. 

I hate waking up with a headache because that almost always means I was asleep with a headache. In my mind (and where else is there for this range of thought?) sleep with a headache is tainted and any sense of being rested is gone, gone, gone to feed the stupid headache pain. (I'm picturing gentle zzzzzzzs being tipped into the maw of a giant headache volcano.) I can't take any more drugs for it for an hour and just thinking about it makes me nauseated. I never used to get queasy with headaches, but I used to get them a lot more often. A new, fun tradeoff that age has brought me. 


OSTENTATIOUS DISPLAY: Remember how in the olden days I would grouse at length about holiday themed mall jewelry ads? (especially Jane Seymore's "open hearts" necklace that looks like butts. "hello, darling - here is the diamond butt necklace I assume you were admiring. Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman designed it." I guess it also sort of looks like a deformed swan, but I digress.) ANYWAY - I would volunteer to watch a half hour informercial about diamond butt necklaces (or swans) if it meant I never had to see another one of those gross Lexus with a bow on it commercials. OH MY GOD.  The theme music, which in the ads leads to "there's a lexus with a bow on it in the driveway!" excitement, has conditioned me to want to punch someone.  It's so out of touch with current reality - maybe that shit would fly back in 2005, but right now the ads promising layaway options seem more in keeping with these financial times. 

NO LONGER FEELING TENDER AND MILD: It's December, which means there is Christmas music everywhere. I was scarred early this season (still in November!) when I was in a store for half an hour or so and realized that they were playing the SAME SONG over and over (Silent Night) just sung by different artists. Like waking with a headache, it retroactively ruined the fine time I'd already had. Who thought this was a good idea? Maybe it was different songs. Maybe I was having a holiday hallucination. I've not been listening to much Christmas music at home as a result, which is kind of too bad as there is some good stuff out there. 

Hmmm. I may have to make the effort to break the Silent Night Curse. I'm sure there's a thriller out there that already has that name, although it's probably Silent Night Murders and isn't a thriller but instead a cozy mystery about how a small town mall Santa was found murdered in front of a creche and did that wise man's eyes just move? How did we get into this abandoned candle factory? Oh, wait! It is a thriller not a cozy mystery unless the proprietress of the local mystery bookstore who also is the postmaster is the one who saves us. (we are now all life-size candles in a psychopath's holiday diorama!  We are not in a thriller or a cozy, but in an episode of Criminal Minds. Don't worry, most of us make it. Happy Holidays!) 

MY LACK OF FORWARD MOTION: I feel like I'm hovering over a dozen projects, all bright with possibility, but I can't settle down on anything to really work on. It's annoying and I'm complaining so there it is. 

LAST NIGHT'S BONES: I just wanted Brennan to break a chair over Booth's head pretty much through the whole thing, but especially when he wouldn't let her walk on the damned wood floor for fear of her getting a splinter. It's was gross and paternalistic and came across less as concerned and more as controlling asshole. Sweets remains adorable, however. 

Woo! I've fooled around long enough thinking of complaints (and, to be honest, eating potato chips*) that I can take more drugs. 

*the salt counteracts the nausea, huzzah! 

5 comments on "winter sun, complaint department"
  1. YES!!! I so wanted Brennan to break up with Booth over being so awful. WELL SAID. And also AMEN, SISTER.

    Especially when he was like, "I realize I'm being an overbearing jackass but I'm just going to go on doing it because it makes me feel better." Yikes. Booth last night embodied a lot of what I dislike about traditional gender relations. Ew, gross.

    Literally even when I was a little kid and watched this stuff go on with adults, I knew I never wanted to be a part of any relationship like that.

    Must go watch some positive interactions to cleanse palate. Can you think of any? Eeeeeeek....

  2. I've been feeling complainey and headachey and totally over Christmas Carols this week too. I'm not happy you are, but it's validating to hear my inner voice coming from someone else too!

  3. Ugh, it was so terrible! I didn't want them to break up necessarily, but I did want her to tell him to back the hell up and MEAN IT. she kept saying it, but he kept not listening at all. Sweets was even saying it! I hope that it's some learning/growing plot point of the near future, otherwise I don't know if I can keep watching.

    Leslie, I know just what you mean! FWIW, my headache finally broke this afternoon and I hope to pile some non-headache sleep on it and wake up in a non-grinch mood. Things don't always go to plan, but here's hoping.

  4. About that heart necklace by the Medicine Woman: I hate hate hate it that she is selling that junk and calling herself a designer just because she can cash in on her name!

    About the Christmas carols: That may have what set you on the road for your headaches! I can recall those carols back in the day when I was a kid, but I hadn't heard them over and over then, for decades. Yeesh.

    About Booth: We were out and only saw the last 20 min., but yeah, he was a total JERK control Freak. But I trust Brennan. She WILL put him in his place. She obviously doesn't see it as cute.

  5. PS about Bones: Someone commented in TV Guide that those two--B & B--just aren't any fun anymore. Felt so strongly about that she was thinking of giving that show a miss. I love that show so much--it's funny, it's light (usually), it's warm--just what the doctor ordered in the dismal world of TV murder and mayhem--but that act last night was a drag on the market.


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