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Tuesday, December 20, 2011
christmas lights
How is your mid-late December going? I've reached the point where I am longing for January, which means I need a MENTAL CORRECTION. (not like brain jail, more like a 'check yourself before you wreck yourself' intervention.) Let's say more of a recalibration than a correction - it sounds nicer, but more mechanical. hmmm...

Anyway! I like this Christmas lights picture. They look like little neon skiffs sailing to the north pole.

christmas lights
More lights - this time with needlework.

I usually think of January 1 new year's resolutions as a self-defeating high-pressure cop out. If you want to make the change (whatever it may be) why not start now? Except this year I find myself feeling a lot of pressure to get this or that holiday thing done, and that I can either be thinking about how I have to do these things, or I can be doing these things, but I sure as shit shouldn't be thinking about how I want to take more photographs in the new year, let alone be taking more photographs RIGHT NOW. But this is bullshit!  I could get all this holiday stuff (most of which is FUN) done in no time.  It's a complicated time of year. I'm scraping the barrel of things to feel guilty about.

afghan kitty
Question: Guess What?
Answer: KITTEN!!!!!!!! (still nameless because why rush these things.)

most kitten photos are blurry because he does not like standing still. He idolizes Busby. It's so funny to watch as Busby strolls by and the kitten gets all excited but shy, like Busby is his hero but also a famous celebrity that he probably shouldn't bother but then he throws himself in Busby's path because he can't stop himself. Busby has been very good with the kitten and I think it will all work out once they've had more time to know each other and once the baby is a little bigger.

afghan kitty
A KITTEN'S THOUGHTS: I will eat your camera strap! And climb to your shoulder so I can climb on the bookcase so I can stand at the top and mew plaintively.

I found out that I will not be going forward in the latest recruitment at work. This is what I expected when I applied, but there's always that little reservoir of hope. BUMMER, except I found out literally five minutes before going to the Humane Society, after which I was like "Who cares?! KITTEN!!"  This is why internet cats are so popular - kittens can fix a lot of things.  And weirdly I made it through further (this is for the job classification above the one I have now) and the kiss off letter was much nicer than the last.  So... progress?

CAVEAT: I am covered in tiny scratches; I look like I've been crawling through delicate barbed wire. However, it is totally worth it.

6 comments on "wintertime"
  1. Kitten! So awesome! Kittens are glorious when not inflicting amateur acupuncture upon you! And even then, to be honest.

    Little Mr. Stripeypants seems like a wonderful addition to the family. Congratulations!

  2. Thank you, Maggie! They ARE awesome, even with acupuncture! (I think his striped little pants are adorable too! he's also got white eyeliner around both eyes, not that you can tell from either blurry picture.)

  3. Tiny kitten noses and needle teeth! Ah! And that little string tail! I'm so glad you have this little baby maniac to play with!

  4. He reminds me a little bit of Chloe in that first photo. I can't WAIT to meet him!!!

  5. Maggie: Baby maniac is right! He's getting bold and initiating play with Busby - Busby's so big, mostly this means the kitten jumping at his neck, but they seem to be having a good time.

    Leslie: He DOES look a little like Chloe in that picture! He can't wait to meet you, either - I know this because he loves to be pet and fussed over.

    his most favorite toy in the world right now is balled up pieces of paper.

  6. 'Tis a giggle how many comments that kitty has gotten! He looks like a real love--a well-armed love, but a love nonetheless.


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