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Thursday, February 23, 2012
waves at whale cove

Right now, this very minute (12:26 AM) I am listening to the Cate Le Bon album Cyrk and the song playing is Fold the Cloth - I'm enjoying the album so far.  This song's got a kind of psychedelic welsh hippie mama vibe, which I like.

I am having strange days! Part of the strange days condition (not officially recognized by the AMA or any official body) is that I'm having trouble articulating the reasons - but the results are that I've been a spotty blogger, a terrible email correspondent, etc. I haven't even been writing much in the journal I've kept faithfully for years. Maybe it's just a quiet time? I'm feeling a little more interior than usual. It's nothing bad - I'm not sick or depressed, just contained. Anyway, that seems like a feeling about to pass and I'm not sorry.  Spring is coming - the light lingers, the bulbs are pushing out of the dirt; we'll see what happens.

2 comments on "fold the cloth"
  1. You have been going great guns. Maybe it is time for a hiatus. To just Be for a bit. Something is no doubt germinating. Maybe there is change coming. Whatever it is, it is needed.

    1. You take such a kind view of it! Thank you. There's definitely change coming! (and I finished my quilt yesterday!!! pictures soon.)


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