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Thursday, February 02, 2012
I started writing about the books I'm reading now, but as happens every time I try to write about books lately, I got all tangled up so I quit. Tomorrow, so help me, I will pull it together and write about at least one book. (They're good books, even! it's not like I'm trying to cushion a blow.)     

But tonight I bring you this picture of Otis, who is getting very tall! And very bad. What is it about kittens at this age and their love of walking on precarious ledges and climbing in houseplants and affectionately biting faces with their little razor teeth?  

2 comments on "sharp kitten teeth"
  1. Hmmm. Sounds like you have a Duffy-in-training.

  2. he's just a curious baby! Of course after I wrote this post, there was a 'kitten propelled house plant tumbling down the stairs' incident, but it's all fine now. nobody got hurt, including - amazingly enough - the houseplant. just a lot of dirt everywhere.


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