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Thursday, February 09, 2012
white violet
Winter flowers are blooming - these little white violets are some of my favorites - the purple violets haven't started yet. There were snowdrops (despite no snow), but my photo of them was too blurry. I'll try again tomorrow.

Rhubarb is emerging. When it dies back in the late summer/ fall, I never believe that it will come back,  yet it always does!

This week has been strangely out of time. I've had the cold that's been all over town - not as bad as some have had it, thank goodness, but bad enough that my nose is raw from tissue and I want to sleep all the time.  In the interests of doing the things I mean to do every day yet somehow don't, I've been using this calendar/list website. I like it! It's clean and simple and crossing things off is satisfying. I know I could probably set this all up inside a calendar program or something, but I like it this way. It's not one more thing to figure out, it's just typing and clicking and actually watering the plants.

In other news, I am now way behind on Devil in the White City and am going to have to do a lot of catching up before Sunday. It's beautifully written, but the serial killer freaks me all the way out. I know he's been dead for a long time, but still: MAJOR CREEPY. So far on the architecture side it's mostly been meetings, which while important are not particularly riveting. Frederick Law Olmsted doesn't shoot anybody or anything. (at least not yet!) My reading eye has been wandering, but I'm ready to buckle down now. It really is very good.

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  1. Sorry you've been sick! Hope you are much better, when you read this.

  2. Forgot to comment on your as-always lovely photos. Esp. moved by the rhubarb peeping through. (Those are rough and tough plants. Now poisonous, now edible, with enough sugar.) What is it with the plants this year? Not sure any went completely dormant. We have seen the purple violets up the street--and snowdrops. Too soon!

  3. thank you, Patty! I am feeling much better.

    it has been a warm winter, but to be fair, we always have violets and snowdrops in Feb.! At least that's how it's been in my yard for the past many years.

    What else are you seeing? the daffs are coming up, and I can see the tendrils of the plum tree starting to come back to life.

  4. I swear you could probably hear me exclaiming from my house! Got so excited. My peony Chalice is peeping out, red like your rhubarb, and the roses (which bad me, I haven't pruned yet) are putting out leaves and in some cases buds. The tulips shoots are 5 inches tall.
    Obviously I have no sense of when particular flowers begin blooming. I want to believe we are on track now and there won't be some dip in temperature to nip all these lovelies.

  5. Oops! No tulip shoots--all daffodils. Too soon for tulips. (That could be a line from a song, but it isn't.) The moss is brightening, all along the street. Love that bright yellow green!


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