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Friday, February 10, 2012
sweet busby
Busby, looking handsome as always. He's such a good cat and has been very patient with insane kitten situations, which is why when he steals my spot like he did right here, I just let him have it and sit one cushion over. (insane kitten situations = all situations involving Otis, who has decided that the only way he likes to eat is from the same bowl as Busby at the same time Busby is trying to eat from it.)

Otis stalks the granny square
Somehow in his kitten brain, granny squares are wily prey that must be stalked, pounced, carried in his mouth, attacked with hind claws, and hidden in his secret treasure hoard. (location of secret treasure hoard, and don't tell him I told you: top of the stairs by the shoes.)

Otis stalks the granny square
It gets a little Gollum-y in the living room.

Otis stalks the granny square
He snatched this one off the couch right after I put the border on it.
3 comments on "cats cats cats"
  1. This made my whole morning - he is so cute! And Busby is such a good sport.

  2. I'm so glad it made your morning! For all my complaining (I have remade some of these granny squares twice), it makes my day, too!

  3. I just keep coming back to these photos of Otis. He is such a doll. Love the white (cream?) accents. He will no doubt be a knock-out, in flight, catching the birdy. Such a cute little hunter.


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