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Tuesday, May 22, 2012
pink poppy
with poison in it, but attractive to the eye

poppies.... POPPIES!!!! So says the Wicked Witch of the West. She's right about the attractive to the eye part. Maybe right about the poison part, too! But I have to say there are hundreds of poppies in the garden right now and walking out there doesn't make me fall asleep until it snows. (at least it hasn't yet.)
This poppy on the top is a different (fancier) variety, but the two below are bee-yootiful garden bullies that grow everywhere and make a huge mess but WHO CARES because they are awesome.

orange poppy
This morning in the shower I had a whole conversation with myself (aloud). Standard stuff, right??? Then, for some reason, one half of the conversation (still all me) started talking with this weird transylvanian/chef boyardee accent. PERFECTLY NORMAL. Then this voice informed me that it was a vampire with some ADVICE and OPINIONS. [side note: this talking in the shower business all started because I read something that reminded me of regional accent differences - like how someone from New England will pronounce the words Mary, Merry, and Marry all differently, whereas someone who talks like I do when I'm not talking like Count Boyardee says them pretty close to the same. I was testing the pronunciation and it all got away from me - which is, I'm sure, what they all say.]

Anyway, I assume the vampire business is because I'm reading a book with some vampires in it (the 3rd Parasol Protectorate book) and not because there's an advice giving vampire in my mind yearning to breathe free. The important thing here, besides how this is not at all crazy, is that shower Count Boyardee started quizzing me about my creative intentions and how it's all well and good to SAY you're going to do that thing you said you'd do, but unless you actually do it, it means nothing. ARGH! Shut up, fake shower vampire! I know this, but it's pretty obvious I don't think I know it, or I wouldn't bother to tell myself with a comedy accent.

(the Advice: do it now and then you can do something else, and then something else after that! the Opinion:  stop procrastinating like I always do.)  So thanks, Count Boyardee! Maybe we'll meet again.

orange poppy
So stinking beautiful! The petals look like tissue.

4 comments on "poppies, vampire shower advice"
  1. This is officially the best thing I've read yet today. :)

  2. I love this post to pieces! I hope the Count whipped you up some tasty ravioli after your soul-searching shower!

  3. Thank you all!

    Leslita - no ravioli!!! What a missed opportunity - maybe next time.


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