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Thursday, May 10, 2012

SPRING! It has been beautiful and busy so far. Right this very second (after midnight, but before midnight-thirty) I have a behind-the-eye headache and my feet are cold. This sounds like a bummer, but   it's the kind of headache that will go away overnight and I have plenty of socks. It could be worse. 

Maternal eyeball surgery update: my mom's eye surgery went off without a hitch and her eye is healing up nicely.  My favorite eye-surgery related event so far has been the day-after doctor's appointment. I walked into the waiting room and it was full of senior citizens in eye patches! It was surreal and sort of awesome, like it was the pirate pension office or something. (My mom and one other patient read the directions and were out of the eye patch and into mega-dark sunglasses.) 

I have a book related post coming soon, but in the meantime, here are a couple of flower pictures from today. On top, one of the first poppies to open up  - I just (literally JUST) discovered that this variety is called Papaver Orientalis 'Olympia'. There are only a few open right now, but in a couple of days - if the sun keeps shining - there will be hundreds and hundreds of them. I love the orange! 

Below is my frenemy/nemesis (frenemesis?) the dandelion. I notice now (too late) that the iris leaves in the background are in focus while the dandelion itself is a little gauzy. See?! It's just like dandelion to do that...

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