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Friday, October 19, 2012
SICKNESS UPDATE: hee hee. Because of the photos the type starts in the middle of the page so it looks like a news crawl as I write it. The most boring news crawl of all time! Let me try again.

WEATHER UPDATE: barely raining and dark skies as befits the middle of the night in Oregon in October. 

SICKNESS UPDATE: the update above was really more of a typing update, wouldn't you agree? I'm now picturing these words at the bottom of a news program. That's a job a person could get creative with (once, for the number of seconds it would take for someone to catch me and fire me. But then I would go rogue! I would hack into the news crawl technosomething and continue!) (note: in reality I could hack my way into a barn with an axe, but that's about it. No need to worry, Northwest Newschannel 8.)  

VICE PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE UPDATE: I know it's late days to be talking about this, but I was watching the debate while IMing with my pal Martina and we came up with this whole ENDEAVOR that seems like the kind of thing I would like to read as a news scroll at the bottom of a traffic report for example. (btw, I keep typing an 'e' at the end of bottome, like so. ye olde bottome - i don't even know.) Anyway - it started with how everyone keeps referring to Paul Ryan as being so young - since we are near the same age as he is, she suggested we become elected representatives and move to Washington DC so we, too, could be young again. I reminded her that as women, the 'young in your early 40s' thing probably wouldn't work. The Man would find a way to render us hags or harpies or whathaveyou - Paul Ryan has probably already introduced a bill that makes it so. From there it evolved into an elaborate story about how we would be Senators by day but play in a rock band at night - nobody would know who we were - yes, like Hannah Montana, but obviously different since we would also solve crimes, which maybe she did, but did she solve National Treasure-style MASONIC MYSTERIES while wearing a pink wig and carrying a guitar? while being a Senator? DID SHE? If so, I will totally track down her show and watch it. If not, keep your antennae up for news of Senators who are never available for state dinners with foreign dignitaries because they are actually in secret tunnels under the city setting traps with guitar strings and clanging bad guys with cymbals and I'm working on the rest. Anyway. It distracted me from how much I wanted to punch Paul Ryan. (I'm not proud of this violent impulse, but I'm not going to deny it, either.) 

SO, THE PARK UPDATE: My sister had the very good sense to insist on going out somewhere yesterday since it was nice. I'm still feeling sketchy, so it was a pleasant stroll around Laurelhurst park. I forgot my camera despite saying "I should get my camera" before we left. I did have my ipod, so I snapped these and I like them! The top picture is of the cedar tree and water at the northeast end of the duck pond. The bottom picture is looking up at some leaves that were half green, half yellow. I can't remember the name of the tree, but they cast the most beautiful dappled shade. 
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