summer evenings with spiders and bats

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Tuesday, August 06, 2013

This summer has been BUSY so far - so busy I haven't uploaded any new pictures mostly because I've barely taken any new pictures. (this one is from a few summers ago, but from about this general calendar time.)

Tonight after work I went outside to read because it's hot inside but conveniently breezy and still light enough outside. Hooray! In the non-hooray column, spider webs are almost impossible to see in the twilight hours. Spider season is in full tilt - they build webs EVERYWHERE, which I'm sure seems like the thing to do if you're a spider, but as spokesperson from humankind I'm not a fan of the ones hanging at face-height.

(TRUE STORY: The neighbors have caught me talking to the spiders more than once - "Spider, I thought we talked about this! This is a terrible place for a web, I'm going to break it every day!!"   The first time I was so embarrassed I went in the house via another door rather than go near the fence between us. Since then one of their kids got a drum set for his birthday - if I can deal with that, they can deal with a little exasperated spider talk.)

But on to the bats - once it was too dark to read but still a little light, I saw a bat! They're really cool, especially when they're in the air doing their bat thing. (which I hope is eating mosquitos.)
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