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Tuesday, April 12, 2005
Another entry from the CD mix annals - Harmonious Travel Mix - for MQ and M driving down to the beach to meet us all for my birthday beach-weekend! So fun! Usually, we take trips like this together, but they both had to work so they drove down later, without me (since I was already there!) There were some issues getting it all worked out - nothing major, but typical stuff. So, since I was making them have to do this by having a birthday in the middle of summer and having friends and family nice enough to arrange it, I thought the least I could do was make them a special Road Mix to listen to on the way. I chose a mix of songs I know we all like to sing along to in the car, and some songs that maybe they didn't know, but I knew they would have to love (ex: Kung Fu Fighting).

Goldfinger - Shirley Bassey - I had to start off with something to get their attention from workaday driving issues. A good belting number, and MQ and M are both belters. Unfortunately, I heard that it was on random so they didn't hear this FIRST, but I'm sure it had the necessary effect when it did come on. Oh! Also, this song always reminds me of when M. helped me paint a bookcase. We were painting gold stars on. With gold paint, comes gold fingers. With gold fingers, come James Bond themes. It is a law of nature.
Musicology - Prince- Prince being funky (as if he could be anything else). I like this one because it simultaneously fresh and nostalgic. Plus, he has a PhD in advanced body moving. No arguing with Dr. Groove. In road trip terms, this would involve some serious butt-dancing in your seat.
Love Train - The O'Jays - impossible to stay grumpy during Love Train! Plus, it is like a mini-geography lesson. They name check at least 10 countries and or continents. Can't we all just get along?
Kung Fu Fighting- Carl Douglas - another secret weapon! This one is a) silly, and b) needed to be reclaimed from the numchuck wielding hamsters found at drugstores everywhere. oh oh ohohohhhhh
Wig in a Box - The Polyphonic Spree - from the excellent Wig In a Box, tribute to Hedwig CD.. I love the Spree, and I really love the Spree singing about wigs. This one sounds similar to the original, but takes full advantage of the big-choir/ weird instrument (harps!) set up that they have. Also, I think they have a guy whose job it is to sing nothing but zoom zoom zoom, which would be a pretty good gig, really. This was chosen because it is great and also because it has a specific sing-along section.
Surrender - Elvis Presley - ahahaha! This song cracks me UP! it is the background singers, the maracas (or whatever). I just picture it in a cheesy italian restaurant sung by a dude in a gondolier outfit. It thematically belongs with "It's Now Or Never," another of the Come On, You Know You Want To, songs. Anyway, as I suspected this was a sing-along favorite. (how could it not be?)
Two Hearts- Chris Isaak - The proper version off of San Francisco Days, and not the anemic sucky one from Baja Sessions. Actually the BS (see! even the initials agree with me) version isn't so bad, it just isn't as great as this one. This is one for singing along and thinking about how dreamy Chris Isaak is. We all agree on that score, plus it is a familiar favorite that I hadn't listened to in a while.
The Flyer - Nanci Griffith - this is from my first and favorite Nanci Griffith CD. What makes this song a must have for this particular mix is he was a flyer for the Air Force, on a plane to San Antoooooonio. Plus the lalalalalala's. All three of us can sing the whole song forwards and backwards, which is fun.
Washington DC - Magnetic Fields - from the least listened to by me volume 2 of 69 Love Songs - so it is like a forgotten favorite. It is a SPELLING SONG, and therefore love love love. Also, easy to sing along to.
Soul Bossa Nova - Quincy Jones and His Orchestra - this song is probably most famous now as being the Austin Powers theme. But it is more than just a theme - it is SO FUN, and swinging. Just hearing it makes me want to have mad mod adventures, and of course turns any car into a Shaguar. So important for a road mix.
Beautiful Stranger - Madonna - I got this off of the Austin Powers soundtrack, and it segues nicely from the previous, and upholds the James Bondness (but sillier) of Gold Finger. Plus (the real reason emerges) - I really, really love the dah dah dah dah dah dah dah dah dahdahdah Beautiful Stranger part.
James K. Polk - They Might Be Giants : More than most people will ever know about James K. Polk - right here in this song. Also, fun to sing along to austere, severe, he held few people deeeeeeaaar/ his oratory filled his foes with feeeeeeear .
Perhaps, Perhaps,Perhaps - Cake I first heard this song in Strictly Ballroom (that scene where Scott and Fran dance backstage at the Pan Pacific Grand Prix (or was it the waratah five dance latin finals?), before he leaves to break her heart with Tina Sparkle). That version was done by Doris Day and is EXCELLENT. But this cake version is a little rougher and has its own charms.
Take A Chance on Me - ABBA - I don't think I really have to explain why an ABBA song is the perfect choice for a road-mix. This has the great spoken bits, plus the fun fast takeachance take a chancechance parts.
Cry Me a River - Justin Timberlake - I was still under Mr. Timberlake's thrall at the time of the making of this mix. In fact, I'm not sure I'm over it yet. Anyway, this is a great song, thrall or no thrall. you don't have to say/ what you did/ I already know/ I found out from - hiiiim. The song, like the video, is a little creepy and a lot sexay. oops - guess I still have the thrall.
Get Over It - OKGo - hee hee. This one had two purposes. 1) it is awesome, 2) if either of them were being snarky or irritable (possible even under the best road-trip circumstances. it is the nature of the beast) it would be fun to sing "HEY! Get get get get over it !" at the top of your lungs and not be accused of stirring things up.
(Night Time Is) the Right time - Ray Charles - I downloaded this shortly after Ray Charles died. I remembered it and loved it from (shameful confession) The Cosby Show! Anyway, this is has a great saxaphone/Raylette background and is very excellent for both singing along to, and practicing rhythmic back-up singer dance-moves.
Kiss Me - Sixpence None The Richer - this is a terribly sappy song, but I am terribly sappy and love it for all of its Teen Prom-Movie glory. Also, a good way to get your breath back after all of the furious back-up singer dancing from the previous song.
Instant Photo - Louise Goffin - I first heard this song on Morning Becomes Eclectic. I was in the car, and it made me crazy because it was SO GREAT and I had no idea who it was. Fortunately, the webcast was available by the time I got home and my big question was answered. It is fun and slinky. It actually would be an awesome song for a circus to march into town with (if lyrics were no object and the circus was a really, really cool circus. but I might be circus-music obsessed lately). And she DOES mention cotton candy...which is frequently available at the CIRCUS. It all falls together...
Kyle's Mom is a Bitch - Eric Cartman - M. was lovin' this song (what's not to love?), plus, so fun to sing along with. have you ever met my friend Kyle's mom? she's the biggest bitch in the whole wide world. Plus it ends with jazz hands and a big chaaaaa
We used to be friends - The Dandy Warhols - handclaps!! And another fun sing-along-song. Not only do you get to clap along, but you get to sing come on sugar, bring it on bring it on, yeah
Turn Around - They Might Be Giants - this was one on the late, lamented Bovine Murder Train Session mix (which existed on cassette only, and was eaten by a vengeful car). Any song that involves the lyrics I was out by myself in the graveyard, I was doing an interpretive dance, and also imparts the important lesson of not behaving in an obsiqueous manner, or you may be murdered, is a good song in my book. Be safe, people.
Bust a Move - Young MC - hahahaha! This seemed an appropriate choice for the last song, especially since I had just found the cassingle of it. And now Old Navy is using it to shill ponchos or tunics or something. It is a deeply stupid, but fun song. I can see why it resonates with Old Navy. she's dressed in yellow/ she says hello/ come sit next to me you fine fellow - they don't do fancy rhymes like that any more! hee hee. Also, I want someone to explain to me what it means to "perpetrate a tan."
4 comments on "Harmonious Travel CD Mix"
  1. Can you please please please find my copy of this for me? This entire entry is taunting beyond the bounds of tauntington! Please help me! and YES it is an awesome mix which makes it currently missing status even worse.

  2. I didn't write it up to be mean, but I will admit that looking for it reminded me of it. I'll look for it today, I promise! I suspect there is a hidden cache of CDs somewhere.

  3. Also, when you find it, I would like a copy!

  4. but of course! If it weren't for your awesome beach-house acquiring skills we wouldn't have been going in the first place!! Is mp3 format better for you?


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