Radish Skirts lead to happines

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Friday, April 08, 2005
I will probably never understand brain chemistry. What makes some days great, and some days horrible when all of the contributing factors are more or less the same? Since I have bitched here plenty on horrible days, I will take the time to explicate a good one.
Except, once I started typing I thought "this is really boring," so I will spare the other mundane details and talk about my radish skirt. It is fabric we already had, it is sky blue with red radishes (with green tops) and it just cracks me up to look at it! And now it is a skirt! It is from one of the easiest skirt patterns, ever, which is also nice. I think I would probably like it better with darts and a zipper than elastic, but that moves it away from Easiest Ever so I will live. I think that the elastic makes it a little poochy around my stomach, but honestly - that's probably just my stomach!
I am now on a quest to make a ridiculous skirt with ruffles on it. I am certainly not the most girlie-girl dresser out there, but sometimes it appeals. Plus, if it is ridiculous enough, it will be a laugh to wear with sneakers or flip-flops (my two favorite forms of footwear).
So, Dr. Jen's advice for the ennui-ridden is to make yourself a garment with a radish on it.
2 comments on "Radish Skirts lead to happines"
  1. Speaking of you and flip flops...did I ever tell you about the dream I had that involved you and Bec and I was leaving your house or something and trying to find a matching pair of flip flops to borrow (not sure what happened to my own footwear) but couldn't find a match in the sea of groovy striped and flowered and brightly colored flip flops. I actually woke up and wrote it down on an envelope so I'd remember to tell you but then the next day it didn't really seem all that interesting. Maybe I forgot the really great points. I can't wait to see your radish skirt!!

  2. Hee hee! You never told me the flip-flop dream! it tells me that maybe it is time to clean up the mountain-o'flip-flops by the door. But seriously, you can borrow emergency flip flops any time you want. Matching service provided (although mix and matching is an option that has happened to me at least once)


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