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Tuesday, October 04, 2005
Fiona Apple's new CD is available today! Finally! I am debating whether or not I will just buy it from iTunes, or get the actual thing itself from a record store. I want to get it to show my support, even though I have a sneaking suspicion that I will like the internet-leaked creaky circus version of the songs better. But I will be happy to listen to both and be proved wrong - there is no bad here. Twice the Fiona! Allmusic has informed me that my two favorite songs (Extraordinary Machine and Waltz) are both the original Jon Brion versions, so I am happy.

I will reserve judgment until I have actually heard the official version. One of the things I admire most about her (beyond great songs), is that she will go her own way, even if that isn't the most easy or guaranteed to sell the most records. She seems true to herself, which I respect enormously.
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  1. I have downloaded it! I only listened so far to Get Him Back and part of O Sailor before deciding it was time for bed and I wanted to hear it when I really have time (so now I'm checking blogs - makes sense!). To me right now, they just sound strange - not better or worse. I will have to give it some time. The bonus song sounds good for the first listen. So did Apple respond to your feedback letter???

  2. NO! They haven't! Bec says it is because I had the SOD upon me (SOD = Stink of Desperation), but I think they are just really busy and are trying to think how they will appease my mighty anger. Or, you know, they're ignoring me! So in the mean time I don't want to buy it somewhere else until I hear back from them. I did just see and ad for EM on TV during the Daily Show. the ad bugged me, but I'm not sure why. Maybe because it was so obviously pointed at a particular demographic.

    I did listen to some of the 30 second samples on iTunes, and I think it will grow on me - the new arrangements probably leave a little more room for the lyrics. But it is hard to say based only on 30 second bits! you must report back when you've heard more!!

  3. I will bring it over on Saturday!!!

  4. Sorry I forgot to bring both Fiona and salsa! Be sure to let me know as soon as you have some impressions from your first few listens to the new CD!!!

  5. I am watching a live performance of "paper bag" on the dual disc CD right now! Paper Bag is one of my faves from When The Pawn. Awww - now she's doing Fast As You Can (another favorite). you have to see this!

    And no worries on Salsa OR Fiona on Saturday! I was glad to see you and to get some quality Halloween Card making in. I still don't know how I am going to finish them, but I'll think of something.

    You know I will be sure to let you know after I hear the CD version. Like I could keep quiet for 10 seconds about it!!


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