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Tuesday, October 18, 2005
turn to clear vision

I wish I had a knob in the middle of my forehead that I could turn to clear vision. Maybe then I could spot the black cloud I can feel skulking along behind me and zap it with something. I need a black cloud eradicator. (Leslie suggested j-pop, which is a really good idea).

In other news, the thing that I wasn't doing and stressing about has been done (finally!), and was well-received except for a couple of really minor fixes. Yay! and phew!

The third wave of visiting relatives arrived last night. I am so tired. They seem nice, but I am all worn out from the first two waves of visiting relatives. Anything else I could say right now would just be extremely gratuitous whining, so I'll keep it to myself, just this once.

To end on a more fun note, check out this photoblog. It's called Cameratoss, and is more beautiful than you might think. Also, consider stopping by and visiting Gothic Charm School, the former Gothic Miss Manners reborn into The Lady of the Manners to dispense gothly advice with kindness and wisdom.
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