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Wednesday, October 12, 2005
I am just going to stab at these really randomly. Some are new shows, some are returning shows - but I think all the ones on this list are returning:

Las Vegas: A wiser person than me called this show "the Love Boat of the 21st Century," and I really can't disagree. Guest stars (as themselves) introduced under the flimsiest of circumstances? You betcha! Just this week it was the Pussycat Dolls or whatever they call themselves. Wacky hijinx? You know it! Romantic entanglements quickly resolved? No doubt! Isaac the bartender? Well, no. But still.
Problem this season: it's not Lara Flynn Boyle (who I thought was great in Wayne's World and Twin Peaks) - it's her freakish LIPS!! My god! It's like banana slugs are eating her face, and rather than have them removed she just puts lipstick on them and hopes no one will notice. Ugh. They also are trying really hard to dress her like she's got more shape than a bag of sticks. It is slightly more successful than the banana slug plan. BUT, in other news - Tad Hamilton is back, as are all the rest except for Nessa. Tad Hamilton had his shirt off in the first episode (he was mourning, of course. The ancient practice of mournful, sweaty, shirtless construction.), and that pretty much sums up the show. It's pretty, it doesn't necessarily make a lot of sense, sometimes Tad Hamilton will take off his shirt, sometimes James Caan will pretend to punch someone. Win/ win!

The OC: - I miss you, season 1 The OC! When Seth was funny and dorky and Ryan was broody and punchy and there was a debutante ball or some fancy party every week. Season 2 was a bust, and season 3 still has time to turn itself around now that they have attempted the dangerous 'reset' maneuver. Will Marissa being poor and going to public school bring back some of that season 1 magic and charm? Time will tell. but it better tell QUICK, or I am going to give up and read books. You hear me, TV? I said I might READ!!!

Grey's Anatomy: I like it. Sure, it's soapy, but they actually have some great characters. The medical stuff is interesting, but it is always back seat to the characters, so I don't anticipate it being the kind of medical show where I develop intense hypochondria from just watching. Favorite characters at the moment are Christina (although that was a bullshit resolution to the pregnancy. OK, actually it was just a half-bullshit resolution. At least they didn't have her fall down the stairs.), Burke, George, and, so help me, Meredith and Dr. McDreamy. Plus, the music is great. Seriously. I think it is second only to Gilmore Girls in the great music during the show department.
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