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Thursday, October 13, 2005
1) clicking your mail every 10 seconds does NOT magically make mail appear.
2) Just do that thing already, then you won't have to worry about it not being done anymore. Really. It is the simple solution to a problem of your own making.
3. (this is embarrassing because I have already written this note to myself within the last 30 days) - if you go to a show, or say a READING, and you plan on writing about it later, write about it THEN. I am looking at a scrap of paper from the Neil Gaiman reading where I have (honest to god) written down "whittering on woodland animals tribulations with jam" I suspect at the time, this would have made SOME SENSE, possibly. As it is now all I can recall is that I really like the word whittering.
4) Self, you have probably not actually read the entire internet, despite the feeling that oh, yes you have. For real. Just go to bed already.

and with that, I should probably take my (ever so) sensible advice and get away from the computer. Maybe even Go To Sleep!

Woo Hoo! it looks like the internet decided to grant me a boon, despite my whining. the "search this" blog thingie up above appears to work now. At least with a few random tests...
1 comment on "reminders to self when bored and antsy:"
  1. 1) There should be new mail (and I'm not just talking spam) whenver a person checks. It's only fair.

    Actually, you know, sometimes it does work. It worked for me this morning. I had just deleted spam and clicked on inbox and new mail DID pop up. Real mail. Good mail. Mail from sensible people who believe that Elmo is evil. So, in closing, I say, "Keep hope alive!" Sometimes it really DOES work.


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