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Wednesday, October 05, 2005
Company batch #2 have been dropped at the airport, and there are two weeks until batch #3 arrives. Woo hoo!

Fluxblog has a great piece on the new Fiona record today as well as a download of the new version of Red, Red, Red. It is amazing! If the iTunes music store doesn't get back to me today, I am going to have to buy it anyway.

I feel so out of it - time has been switched around and suspended while company was here. Time to get back on track!
3 comments on "back to things/this and that"
  1. Yay to breaks! Hopefully that means you are free on the 14th for Shanghai!

  2. Yes! I am glad you have arranged it - I've always wanted to see them, but never have done it. I think History Detectives should do it on their show! I was reading somewhere that the OHS was pretty much denying their existance (or their sordid past anyway) until fairly recently.

  3. I'm really hoping they have space left. I wrote the lady last night before I left work to confirm the reservation, but she hasn't responded yet. It was so much work getting the five people who are going from work to coordinate all their friends to agree on one date. I hate to think of going through it all AGAIN, if this one doesn't work out.

    I've learned from this first time, though. Next time I organize anything for a herd of people I don't know well, I'm giving them deadlines to get back to me. One lady STILL has one undecided person, but I didn't want us to totally lose the time waiting over the weekend for her. Hopefully I'll hear back today.

    Oh, in other news, I made an appointment at Dirty Little Secret for tomorrow. I'm excited!


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