happy birthday to my sister!

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Wednesday, October 26, 2005
Hey Bec - happy birthday! Despite the fact that you constantly got me in trouble (entrapment!) when we were little, I think you are one groovy younger sister, and I hope you have as much happiness as you can stand in your future.

Happy Birthday Bec!

I finally noodled around with the Mosaic Maker, and it is dangerously fun. Expect to see more mosaics in the future.
3 comments on "happy birthday to my sister!"
  1. Hey man -

    Your Mosaic Maker link just leads to an unavailable page when I try it. You're taunting me, aren't you?

  2. Well, it was there yesterday! I know they had a message on the 26th that they were experiencing heavy traffic- maybe they took it down. I don't know what the deal is. I'll try to find out. I will be sad if I have made my first and only mosaic! But not as sad as you (this is the taunting part): Better to have mosaic'd and lost than never to have mosaic'd at all. wipes single tear from cheek

  3. Well, shit. (to quote Dr. Evil). As fun as it was to be taunty, it was not earned. The reason you couldn't get there is because I screwed up the link! It should be fixed now, and you should make a mosiac immediately. Because what if it DOES go away? How sad would you be then? Gather ye rosebuds, etc. etc.


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