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Sunday, October 09, 2005
I love the internet. I love it for a variety of reasons large and small, but mostly because it allows people to run unfettered with their obsessions at their fingertips. I also enjoy how fellow obsessives (today's edition: books) reach out to help each other. Here are three great links for the book obsessed, by the book obsessed.

1. What Should I Read Next? Easy as pie - you simply enter in the title and author of a book you enjoyed, and it will pull up from its databank the name of another book you may enjoy from actual reader suggestions. I tested it out, and it didn't have any suggestions for me (I put in The Last Manly Man by Sparkle Hayter), but I don't think this means it is a bad resource by any means. I just think it needs more members so it can make more recommendations. Let's not let have the last word!

2. Reader2 - I saw this described as "Flickr for books" - you put up your book list, assign tags, and find your way to new and wonderful things. I haven't really checked it out yet, but plan to.

3. Internet Book List:: A database of book information - this looks to be a sort of cross between Wikipedia and the imdb. It is user-driven, and again the kind of thing that benefits from a LOT Of users so you don't just have the entire history of Dr. Who novels and nothing else.
3 comments on "books, wonderful books!"
  1. These are great links. I especially like the "What do I read next?" one, but suspect I will grow to enjoy the listy one a lot too. Thanks for posting them!

  2. Yay! I am glad you liked them. I have to test them all out some more (and put some books up, maybe), but I thought they were a useful (as well as fun) resource.

  3. And I will have to check those out, since I am Always looking for something to read.


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