Augustuary: third round trial mix

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Friday, January 27, 2006
Because I should be doing 1000 other things, here is the latest mix I've been working on. It's still not quite right, but I got tired of trying out new songs for it. I started it in August (when it had the noble name Augustus), now it has to be Augustuary, although I suppose this means I could change it up until the end of February. I do love some built in flexibility!

FSM = Favorite Singalong Moment

1. Good Weekend - Art Brut - Most joyous recitation of the word "twice" ever recorded. This song is lusty but sweet, which is not something you run across that often. FSM= I haven't slept in about four days!

2. El Scorcho - Weezer - FSM = the redhead said you shred the cello, and I'm jello baby -- This alone is enough for me to love this song, but it certainly isn't the only reason. Neurotic Rivers Cuomo, I still love you, although I think reading someone else's diary is bad form.

3. Baby C'mon - Stephen Malkmus - I loved this song from the first time I heard it. I'm not sure what it is... it's just so loopy and shambly and shaggy and charming. FSM = Ba-by, c'mon!

4. Do You Wanna Hit It? - The Donnas - They would TOTALLY get into fights in parking lots. I like that about them.

5. Rich Girl - Gwen Stefani - I know all the year end lists featured Hollaback Girl (which I also like because of the B-A-N-A-N-A-S), but this one had a fashion pirate ship in the video! Plus I like singing "ding!" along with Eve. (although I am still disturbed by the fact that Gwen is apparently keeping 4 Japanese girls as pets - she will dress them wicked, and give them names -- hopefully she's using some of her Rich Girl splash to pay them well.)

6. Super Disco Breakin' - The Beastie Boys - Nothin' sounds quite like the 808. I always think of this song whenever I see or hear the numbers 8-0-8. Just like I always think Battle of Hastings whenever I see 1066. --fifteen cups of coffee and you know it's ON. Maybe the Normans had better coffee...

7. Rock & Roll Queen - The Subways - this is not especially clever (or rhymey) you are so cool/ you are so rock and roll - it's definitely no redhead said you shred the cello, but there are some fun yelling parts. Good for the car.

8. Since U Been Gone - Kelly Clarkson - it is a truth universally acknowledged that this song is the gold standard for singing into a hairbrush.

9. I Want a Pony - Candypants- Mom I want to be an astronaut, buy me a rocket ship so I can sail to Mars/ I don't want to fly in Apollo, get me the Enterprise or I don't want to go-- Indulge your inner Veruca Salt by chanting I want a pony! I want a pony! Now!-- It's fun.

10. Do What You Want - OK Go - this song has just the perfect, fever-reducing amount of cowbell. (plus that addictive power-pop stutter d-d-d-do what you want!) OK! I will. I want to hear this song again, please.

11. The Way We Get By - Spoon - work on your tambourine skills and rock star enunciation during these 2.5 minutes! (I think on the latter the trick is not to breathe through your nose at ALL)

12. Wilderness - Sleater-Kinney - moved to a city where hippies run wild... I have my suspicions about where this city may be.

13. Galang - M.I.A. - I have no idea what is going on in this song, but I do like saying "ya ya heyyyyyyy".

14. Goin' Through Your Purse - Material Issue - hmmm, much like El Scorcho (where he reads her diary!) this is a sort of wrong-headed invasion of privacy song, but I can't help liking it. I cleverly put these things all back into place so you wouldn't think that I was a jerk/ the things I found while goin' through your purse. I still think OK Go should cover this song.

15. Four Leaf Clover - Old 97's. Rhett Miller and Exene Cervenkova snarling at each other over a very tension-laden guitar and drums. That makes it all the better when you get to my FSM = shouting: I've got a FOUR leaf clover, but I ain't got no hope of getting you -- It's cathartic, even if you think you don't need it. (This was one of two Old 97's songs used in a recent Veronica Mars episode)

16. Gonna Make You Love Me - Ryan Adams - By many accounts, Ryan Adams is kind of a jerk. But being a jerk doesn't mean you can't write a good song. Like this song! It's only gonna make you love me more - I mean, that sounds kind of assholish right there, but he makes it work.

17. Little Black Ache - Bishop Allen Chasin' my excuses to the end of the night/ tried to make a friend but it ended with a fight/ I don't know why, and I don't know when/ but my keys have found a way to lock me out again. Poor guy. This song has vaguely Buddy Hollyish guitars, which I dig. FSM = I got my little black ache (what you got?) my little black ache won't fade. Although my sister insists it is "little black cape" which is funny. It won't fade!

18. My Doorbell - The White Stripes This isn't about an actual doorbell? I am shocked! :: has vapors, fans self, faints, revives enough to shake actual maracas:: (seriously - I can't NOT like this song - and that was even before I saw the vaudeville get-up they had going on in the video - LOVE!)

19. The Fallen - Franz Ferdinand - I love the beginning of this song so much! it sounds like a rubber band being pulled back. They never quite let go all the way, which is probably good because I might not survive it. just because you like to destroy/ all the things that bring the idiots joy/ well, what's wrong with a little destruction?

20. I Predict a Riot - Kaiser Chiefs - I predict you will be singing la aa-ah lalala aa aa lalalalala

21. Illegal Tender - Louis XIV - This song makes NO SENSE, but it is strangely compelling. It is ridiculously sleazy and almost completely incoherent, but it does have inadvertent hilarity and a lot of enthusiasm going for it. And handclaps. FSM = even your knees are nice! I like to think that they have hired a guy that has to drop an anvil on his foot just to make the repeated "aiiiiiiieeeeee" noises in the background. Or maybe they startle him with a mouse. In any case, five in the bucket is better than six. Read here for the hilarious (but nasty in every way) pitchfork review of the album.
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