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Thursday, January 19, 2006
A while back on Gilmore Girls - this season, but I can't remember which episode - Lorelai and Sookie had a whole riff going about how every show on TV involves cutting up dead people to solve crimes. They aren't far from wrong! Speaking of Gilmore Girls - I am glad that Rory and Lorelai have patched things up. LUKE! Why?!? Don't be an idiot. Richard and Emily need to return. I like Sherilyn Fenn as Luke's baby mama. Stupid, jealous Zach = ADORABLE! "Welcome to the SH, bitch!!" I love Mrs. Kim.

Las Vegas: I have low expectations for the Love Boat of the 21st century, and this show is failing to live up to even those! I think I am going to have to give up all TV that is not appointment TV. It will probably be good for me. Then when I do catch an episode that consists solely of making male-stripper jokes and finding the "ghost" that is haunting the casino, it will seem funny because it is a once in a while thing, instead of me thinking "maybe the male-stripper is the ghost!" and then wondering if I have lost my entire mind, or just my critical faculties.

Love Monkey: hmph. I am on the fence - it is hard to tell after one episode (although clap clap blog has already rendered a (hilarious) verdict). The new Boy Wonder that they were all racing to sign sounds just like John Mayer. (side note: have you ever seen John Mayer sing? His face!! What's going on there? It is like watching a slow-motion train wreck - I can't look away no matter how desperately I want to) Are they really going to go there with the best friend who is a girl (but not a girlfriend) being hopelessly in love with him? why, why WHY??? Seriously - are there no platonic friendships anywhere in the whole entire world? And Secret Gay Guy's secret revealed via MONTAGE? Good grief. (Secret Gay Guy was on Buffy, though, so I am forgiving). I will give this show the benefit of the doubt and see if maybe all of this is just a lot of exposition to get us situated in this fictional world and it will get less ham-handed as it goes on. There were things I liked about it.

Lost: I know this is a big critical time in life on the island and all, but I find my interest in the show just slip, slip, slipping away. It should be more interesting. They are on an island that has a Jungle of Mystery, for pete's sake! How can they make an invisible monster boring? On the one hand I like how slowly they are releasing the information - it's just like getting to know a person. "Oh, you trained Lippizaner horses on the deck of a merchant marine ship? I had no idea!" and then that sort of colors things from before you knew they trained horses with the merchant marines. Suddenly the whip and the hat with a plume and the immunity to seasickness make (slightly more) sense. On the other hand... I think this show might be better on DVD where I don't have to wait 122 weeks between new episodes. A really good show feels like it is over too fast. This show feels like it has been on all week by the 30 minute point. Last week's Mr. Eko episode was really good, though.

Veronica Mars: it hasn't been on in thirty thousand years, so I have no comment. I hope it doesn't return tonight because I will be at the Colin Meloy/ Laura Veirs show!
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