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Monday, January 30, 2006
keep this coupon

Something I have learned in this paper pitching process - just because a small red piece of paper says to KEEP IT, it does not mean you have to. Now, on to the list of exciting things found by me while trying to get rid of paper:

- an 8 page photocopied glossary of badminton terms. For your badminton edification: an "ACE" is "a term used interchangeably with the word "point" seldom used in U.S but quite common in England."

- a rock with a santa hat (I believe this was a gift) The rock has been divested of its hat, and is now sitting in the garden. I can only imagine that this is a less humiliating existence for the rock.

- A note written back back and forth in typing class between me and my ages 6-17 best friend Priscilla. I am guessing this was sophomore year... I will have to send it to her. it's a typical 15 y.o. mix of obsessing about boys, wishing we could smite our enemies, and things like "I just found the neatest thing to type -- try bookkeeping -- that one is fun!" (man - we still used TYPEWRITERS when I was in high school. It seems just this side of a quill pen. And we were learning typing! 5 year olds can type now!)

- yellow legal pad with what looks to be the rough draft on the infamous Mesopotamian Culture Club paper. I managed to work pirates in! "Sextus Pompey (referred to as the pirate of the Res Gestae) had control of Sicily and the Mediterranean"

- a sweet card from my Grandfather upon the occasion of high-school graduation:
Jenny Dear - How I wish I could have been there for your graduation - an event you will remember vividly as long as you live! I also graduated in June, but it was 1927! Only 60 years ago! Your grandmother and I were in the same class - how proud I was of her -- and you. How lovely she was -- and you are! Keep your heart filled with love -- and all things will go your way. --Grandpappy.

some notes:
1) I am fairly certain he had more fun at his graduation
2) I am relieved to discover that my irregular punctuation and addiction to the exclamation point is hereditary and so there is NOTHING I CAN DO ABOUT IT! phew.
3) ditto on the excessive sentimentality.

Naked one-legged Ken's other leg. I wonder if surgery has advanced sufficiently for him, or if I should just give it a decent send-off? Or shove it back in a drawer? Ken looks like he's doing fine without it.

someone tell me to stop asking the Magic 8 Ball questions! Or if you'd rather, you may leave a question for the Magic 8 Ball and I'll ask for you. (it pretty much has to be yes or no)
3 comments on "keep this coupon"
  1. I am dying about Ken's leg!!! Definitely back in the drawer for that one! Naked Ken does not have the same ring AT ALL!
    Your Grandpa's card was so sweet - definitely a keeper!
    You're making me want to go through a box, now - what fun! I think I'll bring one to the next H.C.!!!

  2. You're right! Naked one-legged Ken shall remain that way! I don't think leg attachment surgery has improved that much anyway. Plus the cat got a hold of his leg somewhere along the way.

    going through boxes is a mixed blessing. For every Ken Leg or Grandpa Card, there is a bunch of weird "what in the world is THIS?" stuff. You should definitely bring one to the next H.C.! You can mine it for stuff for your collage ;)

  3. I'm so pleased to hear that sense has prevailed where Naked One Legged Ken is concerned.

    There are times when I do love going through boxes. I've been trying to throw out the crap and consolidate all of the letters and sentimental things of that ilk into ONE box, though, instead of having them all over the place in between papers and junk of no importance - all part of the streamlining that is becoming a crucial part of the roomening.