superintendence of my darlings wardrobe, is constantly cutting out

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Friday, January 06, 2006
This is my new favorite spam email title. If only it had been sent by my favorite spammer (Maud Champagne) instead of Rodger with a "d" Lowe. From Maud Champagne it would almost seem like some sort of lost jazz-baby lingo that would make sense if it were 1924 and I were shopping for beads, garters, and ivory cigarette holders with my bobbed hair and a discrete flask of booze for when the shopping got to be just too much.
2 comments on "superintendence of my darlings wardrobe, is constantly cutting out"
  1. That is really nice. I think you should work it (and Maude -- I like it better with an 'e'-- Champagne) into one of the 20's sequences in your Nano novel!

  2. I like Maude better with an "e" too - but you know spammers - there's just no talking sense to them. (My great grandmother was a Maude, I should check and see how she spelled it)


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