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Sunday, January 01, 2006
stone towers

Woo Hoo! Happy 2006! May the new year bring you happiness, healthiness, and lots of good laughs.

I don't really have resolution resolutions, but I have come up with some things I am going to work on for the next year (probably forever, really, but it seems less daunting when you break it into 12 month chunks).

Say Yes! - Something new I'm going to try out. I am a naysayer by nature. My initial, gut response to almost everything presented to me is No. This is so unfun, I can't even tell you! I am going to try in the coming year to reverse that - to turn some of those no's into yes. I'm not talking about stuff that I really have no interest in (so, Pat, that is still a NO for the lederhosen karaoke idea which you seemed so worried that I would be forced to agree to under the new plan) - this is for the things that my rational brain says I can do or would enjoy, things that until this point my irrational brain has said "better not," or "why bother." Screw you, irrational brain! Actually, nix that. I just need to train my irrational brain to be a little more devil may care. I have made a few forays in this campaign in 2005, and I feel certain that 2006 will be even better. Despite all of my natural no-ness, I am also an optimist so I think it will all work out. waves hands around head in international "it will all work out" signal..

Shark Punching - did you hear about the guy off of the Oregon Coast (Tillamook Head) who was surfing, got bit by a SHARK, and kept his wits about him enough to punch the shark in the nose until it let go? then he swam back to shore with a shark he just punched somewhere in the water behind him? I am going to let his cool under pressure be an example. He remembered it from watching Shark Week on TLC. See? TV *is* good for you.

GOYLA - (Get Off Your Lazy Ass) it's a classic for a reason! this year, GOYLA shall be directed at my actual lazy ass. I figure I can combine this with my desire to take more pictures. I will walk around *with my camera!*

in less general, more specific new year wishes, I would like to:
1) see a meteor shower. I keep dreaming about them (which is weird), but I've never actually seen one while I'm awake. I just need to figure out when/where there will be one visible and GO. My only concern is ending up in the middle of a field by myself somewhere in serial killer or meteor-cult territory. I don't want to join the mothership, I just want to see some meteors.
2) ride on a ferris wheel - I think they are so cool and it would be fun to take pictures from one.
3) Compost! I need to figure out a composting system so I can have tomatoes again in the summer that actually ripen.
4) acquire a pretty dress - Dress A Day has ruined me. I've been pretty much a jeans or skirt girl for a long time, but I have been casting my eyes dressward for a while now.
5) read more poetry, figure out encaustic technique, read more, go to more shows, do more creative projects including: write more, sew more, blah blah blah and all that jazz.
5 comments on "happy happy 2006!"
  1. What exactly IS the "international 'it will all work out' signal"? I am having a hunch that the highly amusing picture I'm getting in my head is not it. I suspect what my mind's eye is seeing is more akin to the international "flailing my arms around like a crazy person" symbol. Tee hee.

  2. OMG! Maybe they are the same. That would explain a few things...

  3. It might be worth looking into...

  4. About saying "yes" more--have your read about that book, A Year of Saying Yes, I think it is called, about a young woman who said yes to EVERY male person of any age whatever who asked her for a date? Intriguing.

  5. ha ha! No - I have not read that book. I must say that is not exactly what I had in mind!!


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