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Tuesday, January 24, 2006
1. I promised myself that I would try to stop using the word RANDOM all the time, otherwise this would almost certainly be titled 'random observations.'

2. I have too much stuff. All I do with most of it is move it around from one flat surface to another. Papers are the worst. Why can't I get rid of them? Bah!

3. Spoon - Gimme Fiction = !!! All Music calls it a "dark, theatrical album seething with late-night tension and menace." Way to go, seething late-night tension and menace! I'd heard the first track The Beast and Dragon, Adored from Fluxblog, but other than that this is all still pretty new to my ears. I am sure that my mind will shift as I listen to it more - usually my initial favorites remain favorites, but some other songs I move up the list as I get to know them. My early favorites are The Beast and Dragon, Adored (I could listen to Britt Daniel sing "uh huh" all day long), I Turn My Camera On, The Delicate Place, and The Two Sides of Monsieur Valentine. They were here in pdx in December for under 10 bucks and I missed it. I will try not to become too distressed about this. Rumor has it that the singer lives here now, or his girlfriend does or something. Anyway, maybe they will play Portland more often. Or maybe by the time I figure out that isn't going to happen the sting from missing the show will have subsided.

4. Jane Espenson has a blog now. I love Jane! She was one of my favorite Buffy writers, and seems to be an all around good-egg. Her blog is pretty new and has been about writing, writing for television, and what she had for lunch. Interesting stuff.

5.Cupcakes are delicious.
5 comments on "some observations"
  1. Papers! I have had so much trouble with papers! I am still not good at it but let me tell you things that have helped me get better, at the risk of it not being applicable because you mean "school papers" or something else I have no experience ridding myself of.
    Paper Bills/Statements:
    First, I elect paperless (EMAIL!) statements for anyone who offers it. Most do! Except Freaking Citibank sends me a paper in the mail each month to remind me to check my paperless bill on the internet!!! GAH!!! I want to give them a piece of my mind so bad but I keep putting it off. If you feel you must file bills and statements, scan them, name them appropriately and ditch the original! They're easier to find AND don't clutter your flat surfaces! I did this for about a month before realizing that they have to keep copies of this stuff and in the unlikely event that I'd ever want to see my phone bill from 2002, they could send it to me! OUT they went! Now I am quite cavalier about taking large piles of these sorts of papers to work and dumping them in the box to be shredded! Ha HA! My payroll statements - I don't even take them home! Straight to the shredder!!!
    Memorabilia: This is much harder but I've decided that any event that I took photos of, I don't need to save anything else to remind me. Plane tickets - out!
    Well, that's all the wisdom I can think of for today.
    Did you see that the fancy breakfast place next to the Mission Theater is now a Cupcake restaurant? At least I think that's what it is.

  2. These are all excellent suggestions! Does this mean I don't have to keep the boxes of check duplicates I found from before the days of the debit card?

    The thing I have the hardest time getting rid of are all the little bits of paper and things like museum brochures that I have saved thinking "I can use it in a collage." Maybe I need to put a rubber band around my wrist and snap it every time I think that! I will just have to start getting really firm about it. I think I'm already better about not keeping new stuff unless it is really exceptional - now I just have to get rid of the old stuff that I've been moving from box to box forever.

    Cupcake restaurant?!? I must investigate!

  3. Saint Cupcake! They have the cutest website ever!
    Yeah, I have boxes and bags FULL of old memorabilia - it's pretty awful. I did buy a couple of cool looking boxes at Office Max in the hopes that I could cull and file but so far they stand empty because like you, I've gotten good at not keeping new stuff but can't bring myself to go through the old stuff, not that I even really could put my fingers on it too readily. It's SOMEWHERE! You know what might be theraputic is a Memorabilia Recycling Session! Sometimes it helps me to get rid of something if I can tell its story (or if I realize I can't remember its story!) or if someone is there to gently say "yes, you can toss that". Maybe I'll bring a bag of stuff to the next Hello Crafty! Hah!

  4. Memorabilia Recycling Session sounds like an excellent plan. I have already gotten rid of a TON, and it feels great! But there are always other boxes of stuff sprining out at me wherever I least expect them. .... and when I say I have gotten rid of a ton, I mean I have already put a TON into bags for recycling, which doesn't happen until Tuesday. But I have no intention of grabbing anything out that has already been put in.

    I went through a bunch of old letters and cards from when I was at school - I kept almost everything there except for birthday cards with nothing written in them and stuff like that. Stuff I am sure normal people don't even keep in the first place! I could cull it down even further, but I stopped when I was able to combine two boxes into one. Baby steps!

    Saint Cupcake!! That is such a great name!

  5. This is late to the party, but as one who was frequented St. Cupcake a lot lately, you must get there - post haste! I was there on a Saturday afternoon - 3:30ish - and there was a line out the door! For cupcakes! GO. NOW. You know you want to!


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