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Thursday, January 05, 2006
1. A nifty video for the Stephen Malkmus song Baby, C'mon. I love the song for reasons I'm not sure of, but I love the video because there is some sort of mop monster in it. And other good things. (this link goes directly to the video, which is Quicktime, but in one of those uber-clean formats where you can't see how far it has loaded or anything. That's kind of a drag, but the video is worth it)

2. 7 Deadly Sinners - I saw something from here on boing boing, that made me click, but what I am directing you to is the awesome calendar! I am so glad to know that the 21st is not only National Hug Day, but Squirrel Appreciation Day. (side note: that full moon on the 14th is exactly what the moon looked like last month when it would not let me sleep)

3. The mp3 blog You Ain't No Picasso has its best of 2005 up. I got there via Said the Gramophone, which posted a different list at the end of last month. So many good tunes! There is some overlap between the two lists, but many wonderful things on each. One song that does appear twice is Andrew Bird's Fake Palindromes, which I am obsessed with. At least I'm not alone. Said the Gramophone says it best: And if you don't fall in love with the tune in the first two seconds, you will when Andrew Bird drawls "coulda died... shoulda died". Or when you notice the weird electric guitar that's stalking through the briar in the back, with long long legs. ... Or when "Fake Palindromes" ends (it ends!) after a scarce two minutes and fifty-two seconds. "I want to drill a tiny hole into your head," he sings. Well sign me up - just let me hear this thing again! Put it on a whirling repeat in a purple room with the blinds drawn. Run through that barrage of images, the formaldehyde-swap, the singles ads, the blood in her eyes. And then open the wardrobe and loose the violins, the super strings, the brown swooping things what lift me out the closed window and straight to the moon.

but in my opinion it is not to the moon pictured on the 14th of January.
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