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Thursday, July 06, 2006
I'm leaving in 5 hours for a road trip to Reno. Why Reno?, you might reasonably wonder. You would not be alone! It is for a family reunion, but none of our family is from Reno, we have no special associations with Reno -- but it sure beats the alternative which was Branson, Mo. Needless to say, I was not on the Choosing Committee. I mean, none of our family lives in Hawaii either...

I'll be driving down with my mom and sister, and no doubt we will have many hilarious adventures along the way. All I ask is that you hold a good thought that another (yes, another) one of my relatives does not think it is wacky good fun to say the words "spinster" and "librarian" together while nudging me in the ribs. I may be forced to break off his or her arm and beat them with it. Unlike Vegas, where I am assured that this sort of indiscretion "stays in Vegas," you end up in Folsom Prison if you do it in Reno!

anyway -- I may be able to check in while I'm gone assuming I'm not in jail and that when the hotel says "wireless" they mean wireless computer access and not a telegram service.

I have to pack. Happy weekend!
4 comments on "happy weekend"
  1. RENO??? I have me some kin down that way...I hope you enjoy the flat "landscape" and the drunk, crazy people...it actually isn't so bad if you like Tony Orlando and Dawn...cheers

  2. ummm...I forgot to mention that Branson IS the Vegas of the south or midwest or wherever it is, so that could have been a kick ass time as well.

  3. Tada! I found some free wireless!! Reno = not my favorite (but there ARE some redeeming factors). Lake Tahoe, on the other hand is fabulous. (at least so far. It could all go south still, I suppose).

    And I am WELL AWARE that we dodged a bullet with Branson... although my uncle says Andy Williams is there singing Moon River every night. tempting

  4. "Moon River" by Mister Andy Williams? That would be the best. You would be the luckiest girl in the world. Bottom Line...


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