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Monday, July 03, 2006
some slightly different red

The little villains next door have been setting off fireworks for HOURS. I thought maybe with the lightning storm we've had this evening that they might go inside, but I think it just served as muse to their collective inner pyromaniac. I wouldn't care if the fireworks were the kind that at least had a pretty explosion to go with the noise, but NO. Just the loud ones that bang or whistle and make car alarms go off. Good thing I'm practicing this cranky old lady bit. I want to be REALLY GOOD at it when the time comes to do it for real. While I'm at it -- I really hate those bluetooth wireless cell phone ear-piece things in any context outside of the car. Yes, I'm talking to you, Mr. Weirdo at the grocery store. You look like a fool and make me want to punch something. No, that's not exactly accurate. I don't want to punch just anything, I want to punch YOUR HEAD. Good thing for you I am so peace loving, mild mannered, and not in possession (YET) of a mind control ray. Or any kind of ray, really.

Some less cranktastic news -- here are five more songs from my iPod happy list. I am pleased to report that it still does it's job!

Too Much -- Elvis Presley: This one, perhaps not surprisingly, cracks me UP! Plus it has a great Scotty Moore guitar solo in it.

Words of Love -- Buddy Holly: The iPod was feelin' 50's today, and that was all right with me. Buddy Holly is ... well, I think he is well known for dying too young in a plane crash and writing Peggy Sue, but man -- so many of his songs are really top-notch. This is one of them.

Ya Ya Ya (Looking For My Baby) -- the Detroit Cobras: Hmmm. I think I may have traced the source of today's head-cracking impulses. This song is so great! I would TOTALLY take "how to break a beer bottle over the top of someone's head and not hurt your hand" lessons from the Detroit Cobras.

Sugar Daddy -- Frank Black: this is from the Hedwig cover album. I LOVE this version, because Frank Black has that total crazy-werewolf thing going on. He always sounds like he's right on the desperate edge of reason, which really appeals to me sometimes. (it is a very full moon wherever he is) and I just get a big kick out of him singing "every item on every page of the Lillian Vernon catalogue."

Let's Do It -- Joan Jett and Paul Westerberg: I could have found another 50's themed one that played today, but this one is too fun to leave off! This is from the Tank Girl Soundtrack and has a lot of charm and energy. Who doesn't want to hear Joan Jett sing "When the little bluebell at the bottom of the dell/ starts to ring, ding dong"??
7 comments on "some red"
  1. I LOVE "Let's Do It" - I was just listening to this the other day and I never heard it until Jim put it on my San Francisco Love Mix tape that is now 6 years old. PW and J2 sound good together and I would have liked to hear more from them...

    I feel your pain with the "fire"works - more like the rageworks if you ask me. Perhaps you'd like to spend next 4th in our neighborhood - the biggest crowd of the year at PGE park, fireworks close enough to make your cat hide under the bed for hours (when he's not putting scratches of impressive length and depth into your torso) and then all the goofballs who have to set off noisemakers until 12:30 am!

    And don't even get me started on those ridiculous "earphones"

    Welcome to the Wednesday morning Rage Cage!

  2. I must confess that "Let's Do It" is my favorite thing about Tank Girl. I do think there are a few other songs on that soundtrack that I like but overall "Let's Do It" is far and away the best...and it almost makes the movie enjoyable. I just didn't care for the kangaroos...does that make me a Roo-ist? I hope not

  3. Hooray! Honestly, I think Cole Porter should be primed for a huge comeback. And I don't just mean that Red Hot and Blue thing from 15 years ago.

    anonymous tara -- not as close to actual fireworks here (although the repercussions from the ft. vancouver fireworks are audible) - but I think the jackass quotient is higher. by 1AM I was wishing that they (not the kids next door -- the idiots at the bar) would just blow off a finger already so I could go to sleep! Anyway it is, as always, a delight to be in the same Rage Cage as you!

    bbd -- I agree! I like other things about the movie too, but the Let's Do It musical interlude is my favorite! Plus they include a section of the song that not everybody does ( "the little blue clerk in the middle of his work/ starts a tune to the moon up above"). As for the soundtrack -- this is definitely the best song. Although I also really like "Shove" by L7. (very good for singing along with when things aren't going the way you think they should.)

  4. really loving your head-punching impulses...

  5. oh oh and wait a second how about that red consortium?! can we have a round of applause for photo-jen, please?

  6. mernitman - thank you for your kind words re: my head punching and photography. It's what's fun for summer!

  7. BBD - you are crazy. Tank Girl is a great all-around movie - especially the Rippers! C'mon - Ice-T with a Kangaroo nose? What's not to love? And also, the best song on that soundtrack is clearly "Roads" by Portishead!


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