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Friday, July 28, 2006
I have achieved haircut! Imagine if Pippin the hobbit was a girl and played tambourine in an indie-rock band. It's sort of like that. We'll see what happens after I wash it. I have a feeling it will be perpetually messy, but that's okay. Maybe it will look like I evaded the police on a vespa with no helmet which is a lot more interesting than the Toyota Truth.

What a difference a day and a haircut makes! Yesterday I was playing my own YOU SUCK symphony on constant repeat. People came over for Crafty Night, and I was still morose! Except I was so ridiculously morose that even I had to laugh by the time we decided I would make garden organic tranquilizers and try to sell them at Saturday Market. I was definitely on the upswing by the time D. titled his painting "Bloodclot Sunrise" in honor of my mood. I think the real minute I knew that the black mood was on the way out was when bec found me the perfect piece of clip art for the collage I was working on. It's from a book of 20's-30's travel advertising and says, in all seriousness: Vermont fits your budget. How funny is that? Don't oversell yourself, Vermont!

and now some songs from the ever-growing happy playlist and this morning's walk:

1. Let My Love Open the Door -- Pete Townsend: I love this song -- it is so sweet and sincere. I have to admit sometimes it makes me feel a little glum, but it's so great I can't banish it from the happy list. I'm not up for a bittersweet list, so here it stays.

2. Cut Your Hair -- Pavement: It was a SIGN! I mean, I had already made the appointment, but still. ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh -- that's the good stuff!

3. Fuck 'em Boyo -- Miss Frenchy: This is a mashup of Peaches and the Clash. I know it's probably heresy to say so, but I really prefer this to the Peaches version. This one is completely filthy like the original, but also jaunty. Yay jaunty!

4. Kiss -- Prince: There are several covers of this song that are great, but Prince's falsetto version is still my favorite! "you don't have to be rich to be my girl/ don't have to be cool to rule my world/ ain't no particular sign I'm more compatible with/ I just want your extra time and your KISS"

5. You Do Something To Me -- Bryan Ferry: Some people hated his As Time Goes By CD (I saw it called "As Time Stands Still"), but I think he's got a GREAT voice for these songs. He really does sound mystified and perhaps a little horrified. It makes one wonder what that "something" is. " tell me why should it be/ you have the power to hypnotize me /let me live 'neath your spell/ do do that voodoo that you do so well" He makes it sound like his beloved is tricking him into committing horrific crimes or something! Good old Cole Porter!

6. Know Your Chicken -- Cibo Matto: "I know my chicken/ you got to know your chicken". Sound advice.
6 comments on "know your chicken"
  1. I love that Pete Townsend song so much, you have no idea! I think I even bought the 45 of it back in the day.

  2. I hope that haircut has transformed your life! I know mine did. I went from being a scraggly-haired old woman to a punk-haired old woman and that felt GOOD!

  3. mq: you did buy the 45 back in the day! As I recall it was that song and Desperate Eyebrows ALL DAY EVERY DAY. Or you know, a lot anyway.

    patty: hmmm.. I don't know about transforming my LIFE, but it has cheered me up considerably... so I guess the answer is YES IT HAS. As long as it's just haircuts or a new dress, I'm okay with it, but someone please stop me if I start thinking cosmetic surgery is the path to a better mood.

  4. I think you should post a picture of your new hairs! That reminds me, I really should go find me some 2nd breakfast

  5. Bryan Ferry singing "You Do Something To Me"...very interesting. I had no idea, but I do know that I have always in all ways loved his smooth stylings. He is smooth and styling. I hope you are indeed getting some sleep and I am glad that you weren't killed while hunting for berries, although a news piece titled "Shot While Hunting Berries" does sort of add a POP to the whole end of life thing...I guess. Not that you would get to enjoy it...Fandango

  6. martina: bec tells me it's not that hobbity, so I guess you don't need a picture! (in fact, she suggested that I was merely obsessed with hobbits, which I don't think is true or fair...)

    bbd: I have been finally getting some sleep, thank you. Maybe you'll get your Shot While Hunting Berries story after all -- I think I'm going back this week to get some more.
    (I think you'd really enjoy the Bryan Ferry thing)


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