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Wednesday, July 26, 2006
sauvie's island

My adventure of the day: gunfire and blackberries. (the actual berry kind, not the phone/organizer kind). Today I went out to pick berries because it is summer, they're ripe, I wanted berries, and also have the crazed idea that I will make jam. (I don't know why but the idea of blackberry jam has overwhelmed and fastened me in it's sweet demented berry grip.) Anyway, none of that sounds very adventure-like, but that's only because I haven't mentioned the part with the disco whistle -- not a sound I am expecting in the middle of a brambly berry patch, let alone the middle of a nature preserve! I also wasn't expecting the gun blast that followed shortly thereafter. The shooting turned out to be duck or quail hunters -- the whistle was their duck tricking device. I liked it much better when I thought it was a disco whistle. My mother was with me and full of assurances that if I did get shot, it was 'just buckshot -- you could say you went hunting with Cheney!' Full of compassion, my mother. (it's okay, I got to torture her later when she wanted to leave but I had the keys and wasn't quite done yet.)

Of course I didn't get shot (even a little) and have only a sunburn, a bunch of scratches on my arms, and two huge bowls of berries to show for it. As adventures go it's really not much, but... BERRIES! (they are really good)


coming up soon: chris isaak concert report
2 comments on "hey blackberry"
  1. Yay blackberry! Boo hunters! If you do make blackberry jam, I totally would NOT give them any. The most they deserve is toe jam. Have I mentioned that I don't like hunters? It totally figures that Cheney would be one. But back to berries...What a great idea! I'm glad someone is making jam. I had all these plans for more ginger pear, peach cardamom and even venturing into the wonderful world of berries, but somehow I've not gotten to it. On the pears, I can at least say they're not yet ripe locally, but as for the peaches and berries...no excuse! Stupid hunters! It's all their fault, I'm sure.

  2. well, those PARTICULAR berries ended up getting eaten in a sort of blackberry shortcake type deal. But I'm going to get more! And jam there shall be!


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