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Monday, July 02, 2007
all maps should have names like this

I love maps like these! More maps should have names like these on them, don't you think? (and I don't mean in some lame pirate-themed subdivision either.)

Here's the kind of scenery Thunder Rock Cove and Secret Beach signify in this instance:


p.s. I may have to murderate the evil little boys next door. They have begun their annual summer activity of firecrackers that do nothing but make loud obnoxious noises and smell like sulphur, which they no doubt find comforting as it reminds them of the hell dimension from whence they came. They started at 8AM and have been going all day. I am plotting revenge, but so far there's only been ineffectual eye-narrowing and muttering. They are only children, I know, but they are EVIL CHILDREN and therefore kind of scary.
4 comments on "maps and plots"
  1. I must say that I stand by my previous thought relating to fireworks---they should only be sold for a few hours late on the 3rd and anyone setting them off prior to that or after the 4th will be immediatley locked up until the next 4th of July. I can not stand the smell or the noise. Flying things that are on fire? I think not.

  2. I would sign that petition!

    (except I like actual big fireworks -- but not all the time! and not outside my window in the hands of juvenile delinquents.)

  3. Big fireworks I can support. Once a year. In a controlled environment. But in the hands of children? No thanks. Have fun with Mister Isaak.

  4. The scenery in that photo is like a fantasy come true. Would be the finest setting for--a love scene? a revenge murder? the end of a adventure? a reunion of long-lost_______? I want to be there, that's for sure.


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