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Saturday, July 14, 2007
Friday the 13th was a FUN day! My sister and I took off for the coast in keeping with our annual "hey, let's go read at the beach" tradition. It was a kind of leap of faith, since the weather really could have gone either way. Fortunately, it went the "sunny and warm with a light breeze" way instead of the "whipping sand and rain and 54 degrees" way. Woo hoo! We originally intended to go to Hug Point, which is a beautiful cove south of Cannon Beach, but we decided at the last minute to go south to Lincoln City and have lunch first, then go up to Oceanside. (Lunch = such delicious thai food -- I ordered "mango delight" just because of the name, and I can report that it was indeed delightful!)

blue sky at oceanside
(I would love to have any one of these Oceanside houses, if anyone has an extra that they're not using.)

Oceanside is a bit north of Tillamook. One must drive through miles and miles of dairy farms (the kind where the cows roam around) and green pastures dotted with picturesque cows and horses in order to get there. Fortunately, the overwhelming Smell Of Cow is less than the Smell of Clover and that other sweet beachy smell that I can never identify.


There were pelicans! I always associate them with Florida rather than the Pacific, which is crazy, but there you have it. They are so huge! You really can't tell from this photo, but these birds are enormous. I wondered about the collective noun for pelicans. Flock didn't seem right. (what sort of harido would you have for a Flock of Pelicans?) Thank god for the internet! I found the Beastly Garden of Wordy Delights, which informs me that this is a squadron of pelicans. If they had been floating, a raft of pelicans.

beach reading
And of course I got some quality beach reading in. If The G-String Murders isn't perfect for the beach, I don't know what is.

It was a lovely day and not unlucky at all.
5 comments on "lucky thirteen"
  1. So glad you had a super day at Oceanside. Your picture of the beach would draw anyone there--it has all the pluses: sandy beach, sun, blue skies.


  2. I'm telling you, "A Short History of Rudeness: Manners, Morals, and Misbehavior in Modern America" is also fine beach reading. Really!

  3. I believe all that sand was carted in (by truck, of course, not by cart). So nice of them.

  4. Oh, for beach reading I would recommend (in large print, of course) The Omnivore's Dilemma by Michael Pollan. Put you right to sleep.

    OK, I'm kidding. It will probably get you all riled up, but at least when you come home you will know why there is corn, in one form or another, in nearly everything we eat.

  5. Yes, there are all sorts of arguments to be made for quality beach reading! You could have brought your book on sweet and low, bec! hee hee.

    Patty what are you talking about with the sand? Did they put sand in the ocean as well? Who are They?

    As for the Omnivore's Dilemma, it's not on my short list, but I could move it up. As for corn -- it's the farm subsidies right? That's been my understanding anyway. I've been riled up for a while.

    You should watch the documentary I watched a couple of years ago (I can't remember the name! so helpful!) but it was all about the evils (and they are truly evil) of Big Agriculture and Montsano (makers of round up, etc.) When I remember I'll let you know.


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